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Hey everyone heres the online petition so will stop deleting fics that are - Violent, Smutty/Lemony.


Name: Richelle

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Contry: USA

Well I've been told I'm a pretty quiet person. Witch Is sum what true. But once I get to know people I really come out of my shell and can be loud and crazy. Although I can be a bitch some everyone else can be, but I usually try not to be. But all in all I'm your everyday nice person who likes to meet new people and try new things.

As for FanFiction I actually don't write any myself but I love to read. I really like to see how people take great books like Harry Potter and make their own paring's and plots...So my current fanfic obsession is Harry Potter fic's but it changes all the time.

I always try to leave review to the authors of fics I read but when I comes to spelling, I really suck at it. So I'm always using spell-check and rereading my writing. But hey at least I attempt to make sure my spelling and grammar is right but on occasion I miss stuff. So when I review peoples fic I don't really give them shit about grammar and spelling.

Ok well there's a little bit about myself for anyone who chooses to look at my profile. If you got any questions or just wanna talk about awesome things like Harry Potter lol fill free to message me, I'd love to talk. =)


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