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Updated 8 December 2022

I am also on AO3 as Charlie Waffles.

Status updates for my published WIPs:

I work a demanding career that involves working long hours, causes quite a bit of stress, and uses up a lot mental energy, so updates will be slow and sporadic. I'm writing little bits here and there whenever I can. My stories are in progress unless I say otherwise.

1. The Vanquisher of Grindelwald (long fic)

I have the rest of Part 2 outlined at this time. Part 3 will most likely start at Chapter 30. I'm estimating that this story will be around 50 chapters when completed.

2. The Spy Who Loved Me (short fic)

I have one more chapter planned for this. I'm just having trouble putting what I want to have happen into writing.

3. Dreaming of Riddles (long fic)

I know where I want to go with this one, but to properly get VoG finished, I have to focus my creative efforts on VoG. Because of that, this one is on hiatus for now. I have a broad plot outline for the entirety of this fic, so I know of the general direction I want to take it. This is not abandoned.

4. Step Aside (length TBD)

I have a vague idea of where I could take this as a long fic, but because I already have two long fics that I need to work on, I'm not spending time thinking of a full plot for this one right now. If I feel inspired after completing DoR, then I may turn this into a long fic.

5. First Words (series of one-shot ficlets)

This may or may not be updated over time depending on whether inspiration strikes me again for the concept.

Fics I've completed writing:

One Last Explosion (one shot)

Wilting (one shot)

Possessed (one shot)

Note: I used to write fanfiction for Death Note, and I have allowed the two most popular of those fics to remain on this account since people still read them to this day for some reason. They have been discontinued.

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