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W ow... there is nothing here... great.

I am not good at profiles so, let's keep this brief.

My online name is Kauris Azurai. Completely original name... Exept for the fact that I just found out that kauris is a tree... (and the finnish word for deer)What's up with that?

I love pokemon(my birthday is in the year pokemon started.), I used to love the series when it first started, liked it near the middle, and now thouroughly hate the butchering of Ash's character in Unova/Isshu. There are so many things they could fix: Cilan's character, while not as good as Brock's could be easily improved upon. And Iris? let's not even go there, the only reason she exists is to call ash a little kid and further destroy the maturity and fully developed character that was SINNOH! Ash. Pikachu was degraded from awesome partner with a mind of its own, and so strong that it could defy even legends with ease... now... Pikachu is just a "Say pika to agree with Ash", and become so weak that a level 5 snivy/tsujara could easily take it down. Even without electricity Pikachu could have said: Kah kah kah! chu pichukachu! chuuu! (basicly, it could have said: ha ha ha! Take quick attack foo!) *annoucer voice from pokemon stadium* "it's a one-hit wonder!" Pikachu is nearly level 75-80, or higher. (what were you thinking Pokecorp!?) anyway, enough on that.

I am a Christian. Nothing will make me deny it. I am also against homosexuality, even if I wasn't christian... It just... Feels wrong.

I am one of the very few anthro-drawing artists(who are called furries by some) that don't condone/accept/like what other "furries" are doing. *shudder* What happened to drawing anthros because they were awesome? Disney had ot right. and yes, I like pokemorph and transformation fanfics. BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!

My favorit fanfic is "will of foxfire" by quill of molliemon.

My favorite one-shot is "I sing for you" by stollos.

My favorite sci-fi series is stargate. You know your girlfriend? she's a goa'uld.

My favorite books are the Warrior cats. BEST. THING. EVER. Dig it mousebrains!

My favorite games are: Kingdom hearts(ALL),Pokemon,Pokemon mystery dungeon(what is this madness? it's just a game. oh tears of sadness, I can't bare the shame!),kid icarus uprising,Zelda(rated best game of all time by ign, need I say any more?),pokemon ranger(dangit! I thought I just bought a new screen protector yesterday?),Pokemon hey you pikachu(hey, it was really well made.{pokemon channel doesn't even counts}),pokemon stadium,super smash bros(all three),metroid prime trilogy,pokemon,maybe minecraft,pokemon,star fox 64,star fox assault,pokemon,and pokemon,plus the first game I ever played: pokemon, and pokemon. Did I forget pokemon?

My favorite comic series is Bionicle. Lego was stupid for messing it up, and then discontinuing it. My favorite toy was also Bionicle. BEST PLOT WRITTEN FOR KIDS EVER. IT was REAL, it had danger and monsters, near death experiences, sacrifice(a martyr by the name of Matoro.),and so so much more. this series is MASSIVELY underrated.

Hobbies:Arts of all kinds,music,(I have an ocarina, and a keyboard),conventional drawing,animation,reading,pokemon training-wait WHAT

Other places I am: youtube(not that I ever post there...yet) azi2g

Deviantart: KaurisAzurai

Flipnote hatena: kauris

I am also on pokecommunity, however I usually am only on there to look at hacks/fangames.

check out Pokemon forever lost, also known as Pokemon pheonix rising. It will be awesome when it's finished.

Thanks for checking me out, I would like it if you would take a look at my fanfiction if it's not too much trouble. And, as always;

"May the flames of criticism temper your steel, as you beat upon the anvil of imagination." Kauris Azurai

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