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This is the part where I put the whole 'tell you about myself' biography. I used to do that but now I've grown up, so apparently I'm supposed to be all edgy and s*t.

But screw them am I right?

So I love the Vatican national football team, pineapple and ham pizza and my little pony. I dislike actual ponies, dogs aged between seven and eight and the second stanza of the Nigerian national anthem-Hey wait! I was just joking, I don't actually like pineapple and ham pizza!

(Dragged away kicking and screaming.)

Story status

The Swallow that Danced amidst the Lightning : Active

Harrion Stark: The Snow Prince : Active and being rewritten because of data loss.

Servant of the Hallows : Active and being rewritten because of data loss.

Mad dog Magogg : It's a one shot, completed.


How often are your stories updated?

I don't have a set schedule for updating stories. As it is I have very little free time and a work schedule that keeps changing so I'm not going to put a deadline that will simply disappoint others.

Why haven't some of your 'active' stories been updated in years?

Because in late 2017 my laptop motherboard blew up and took every major component with it, including my hard drive, which had nearly four 10k chapters on it, ready to go. As you might understand, finding the will to rewrite that much has been hard.

I also had to save up money for another computer, that kind of thing is somewhat essential to write fics.

If I repeatedly message you asking if stories are going to be updated will that make your write faster?


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