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BloodRavenMaiden PM
Joined May '10

Name: umm... I don't want to tell you?

Age: well I'm in college.

Gender: Full on Girl...I think? ~looks down pants~ Yeah I don't seem to have a wangdo.

About: Well I'm Mexican/American and I love Anime! But yeah, I'm also a Yaoi Fan Girl!! XD

Fav. Anime/Manga:Naruto, Death Note(espessally the movies!), Inuyasha, and many more!!

Fav. Movies/Shows:Harry Potter, NCIS, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, GI:Joe, and other I can't think of!!

Fav. Parings Anime/Manga:


SasuNaru(even if sauske is a teme!)

ItaNaru(totaly HOOOT)

ItaSauNaru(sometimes and if its good!)



KyuubiNaru(But Kyuu has to be a Male not fem.)



Well almost any one with Naru and Naruto HAS to be UKE!! I hate when some people turns Naruto into a girl!! I mean come on you can make him gay or don't write a story about him at all!! And Naruto will always be a UKE!! I mean come on!! look at the way he looks and the way he acts!! But yeah my point is that Naruto must be uke.


GrimmIchi (come on total mega hooties!!!)

AzienIchi (even though Azien is a phyco killer)

GinIchi (ummm...just yes just yes)

ByakuIchi (sighs dreamly)

Death Note

L&Light (SemeUke or UkeSeme what ever floats my boat)

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