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"I need someone,

That looks me in the eye when I talk.

To hear my sorrows and neuroses with patience.

I need someone who will fight beside me without being called;

Friend someone enough to tell me the truth I don't want to hear, even though I hate him for it.

In this world of skeptics, I need someone who believes in this mysterious thing, discredited, almost impossible to find: Friendship.

What wrestle to be fair, simple and fair, that doesn't go away if I ever lose my gold and is no longer feel the party.

I need a friend to receive with gratitude my help, my outstretched hand.

Even if this is just for your needs.

I need a friend who is also a partner in binges and fisheries, in the wars and joys, and in the storm, shout in chorus with me:

"We'll still laugh about it all"

I couldn't choose those who brought me into the world, but I can choose my Friend.

And this quest commitment to my own soul, for with a True Friendship, life becomes simpler, richer and more beautiful ... "

Charlie Chaplin

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