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Classic/retro television is my media of preference with musicals following close behind. I adore classic films as well, though I seldom feel the same burning inspiration to add my two cents through a story as I do with a tv series. Whatever medium, I love getting lost in these fictional universes when I'm not lost in my own stories. I don't know where my writing career will take me but it's been a great ride so far.

Some of my current favorites:

Annie (musical and movie), Bandstand (musical), Who's the Boss? (tv show), Gilligan's Island (tv show), Taxi (tv show).


Grace/Oliver (Annie), Tony/Angela (Who's the Boss?), Mary Ann/The Professor (Gilligan's Island), Donny/Julia (Bandstand), Alex/Elaine (Taxi), Niles/Daphne (Frasier), Lilith/Frasier (Cheers, Frasier), Sam/Diane (Cheers), Anya/Dmitri (Anastasia), Harold/Marian (The Music Man), Mork/Mindy (Mork & Mindy), Fran/Maxwell (The Nanny), Gilligan/Ginger (Gilligan's Island), Harry/Christine (Night Court), Maria/Georg (The Sound of Music), 'I'/Maxim (Rebecca).


3/27/2019: I've decided not to continue my Annie story Family Ties. For now, I'll keep the eight chapters I have published up. I would like to start a new general continuation of Annie, not specific to A New Kind of Family. Once that's up and running I'll probably delete the other (which I don't like to do, but, to avoid confusion...). I apologize for letting it go for so long. My writing priorities have been on my original works and most FanFiction idea I've had are too hectic to make into a proper story. I would like to get back to writing more one-shots though! As always, thank you readers and reviewers. I don't log on often anymore but I do see your favorites and follows in my email. It means so much!

2/7/2018: I want to apologize for taking so long to update my two current Annie stories (Family Ties, Grace & Agatha). I haven't lost interest in them. Life keeps getting busy. Someday I hope to discipline myself enough to stay true to my dedicated writing time. I have several chapters written up, however, some of the plotlines aren't sitting right. I care very much about these characters and I don't want to settle for something I'm not happy with. A huge thank you to my loyal readers for your patience and continued support after all this time! I really appreciate it.

1/29/2014: I recently deleted a few stories. With a couple I had started, I either had no desire to finish them or I can't remember what the plot was. A few others were just... badly written/weak. I thought about deleting several others but decided against it. So anyways, just wanted to say that some of the stories have disappeared. Just do me a favor and look at the dates some were published! At some point I may go back and update a few with 'potential'. Also, my writing has been increasingly slower. Or perhaps I should say my speed at uploading. I've been taking writing far more serious the past year or so. I've also been taking on bigger projects such as NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo. Writing and editing those takes a great amount of time. Last thing, I'm also taking the time to complete a story before publishing it as I've let too many stories go undone or go months without updating. My apologies for babbling, I just felt the need to write this update. :)

I do not own any of the shows, movies, plays, etc. I write fanfiction for - strictly for my entertainment as well as other fans'.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing through your reviews and messages :)

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