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hi! im ammy (or atleast thats what you can call me)

i'm a dork and i read more then a freaking librarian, i also watch tons of anime (so all in all ur average high school geek)

i dont write anything the only reason i got this account was bc some idjits wont let u comment/review if u i caved and made an account.

i'm 16 and my life is good, i mean its not normal but im happy!

oh yea i should probably actually tell you about myself! so heres a lil about me section!

About Me: so as i said my life is not "normal" so let me clarify. i had a pretty "normal", happy life untill i was the age of 4 when my mom decided to leave my dad and take me with her (fun...).So i lived in Austin with my mom, and if u didnt know this austin is a party city and that was something that my mom love to do. and my mom is a drug addict (but i didnt find that out untill she when to jail the 2nd time), so it wasnt really a surprise when she lost the house 2 years later and we had to move in with my grandmother. and when we moved back my dad got married to a bitch named stephanie (i lov he now but she was a shity mom) shes 17 years younger then my dad and the marrige only lasted 6 months b/c she ran off with my dads office lady ( yea she found out that she was gay). but by then my dad had me back again so it was ok. and my mom was is and out of jail alot and had 2 more kids all of us with diffrent dads and never remarried. but my dad is now married again to a lady with the same name as me so thats kinda weird and they have a lil girl named fiona, shes 1. Ohhh! and my moms prego again with a diff baby daddy, and so far i like him the best b/c im lil sisters dad is in jail for like b/c he killed his gf (dont worry it wasnt my mom but the lady was really nice so it still sucks...) and my lil brothers dad didnt want anything to do with him for the first year of his life (asshole!), so yea i like the new one the most even if he and my mom got put in jail for shoplifting (but they r out now so its ok). well thats most of it ( not really i just dont feel like boring u with details, but if u wanna know more, or u just need a reminder that ur life isn't that bad b/c u dont have to deal with this shite everyday PM me)


oh! and i almost forgot! im obsessed with MUSIC!!!!!

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