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For 'Close to Your Heart' reader:

I'm really sorry... I did this with broken heart and teary eyes. I have to start over everything. It was very selfish of me to make such kind of decision. I have to delete this story and start over. It was very hard. I had 18 chapters and 128 reviews. It is very precious for me. Please don't hate me for this. I want to begin a new beginning. Please...forgive me. All of you are very kind to me. I don't deserve you all... I'm really sorry... Thank you very much for the reviews. I already saved all your reviews and treasured it. Thank you so much. I'll try my best in the future...

Yes, I planned to rewrite this story. Before that, I need to reset the story. Too many changes...;

'Dance Under the Moonlight'

I dedicated this story to anyone who like my story. I'm really sorry, I don't know if I can recover for the lost-syndrome. I found this story and my previous one is similar. The big different, I took a short cut in the new story. I'm confused about the rating, you'll know in the forward chapter. This story actually pretty dark and serious, but I can't help myself to insert some comical scene. In the end, I changed the genre from drama to angst, just in case if you hate heart-breaking story. I don't plan to make this plot darker by changing the genre. Rest assure, I love happy ending more than anything

Anyway, please enjoy...

'Miraculously in Love'

I, personally, love this story more than the other two. The genre of this story is more cheerful than the previous stories. I love this Byaruki pairing in this story. Their age, character, marital status, wealth, occupation, life style,...almost all about them are so different. It's about how they manage to overcome their differences and start a new relationship. All started by a deadly accident that nearly killed Byakuya. Since then, they have to be together for always, if they don't... well, you'll see This story inspirations are: From Far Away (Kyouko Hikawa's manga), Heptagon (manga) by Hijiri Chiaki, and Love Like You Will Never Get Hurt (Byaruki fanfiction by Yuniee).

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