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Some of you may remember me or my stories from my decade and change on Twisting the Hellmouth. After a recent rules discussion essentially evolved into "we're okay with rules being punishment tools for people we don't like rather than anything useful", I decided to move on from the site. Given the nature of discussion in the moderator forum before I left? I would strongly recommend that anyone writing Marvel, Dr. Who, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, or Harry Potter fanfiction - or in any other fandom that goes remotely near real individuals in its storylines - back up their stories. After all, if a user over there doesn't like you? All they need to do is complain, and the moderators will be happy to remove your story. Even if you're rewriting a scene that appeared in canon. Forewarned is forearmed.

Also, after putting in eleven years and pushing out dozens of stories - not all of which are on here yet, granted, but they do exist - I've decided to try and cover some of my living expenses by setting up a P-atreon account. Depending on which tier you go in on, you can get everything from early access to story updates (which would have been handy during the recent login implosion, am I right?) to a massive archive that includes old story variations and unposted work to a bust a month from my lovely and talented wife. Over the past nine months, people have gotten things like OCs that they've always wondered about but never seen, Luna in some sexy space armor, a very MILFy-looking Narcissa Malfoy, and a split-morph version of Michelle from Red, White, and Blue. Imagine what you could get in their position? Drop by P-atreon and toss 'joehundredaire' into the search box. I should be it, unless my evil twin is raising funds for something behind my back...

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