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Hi! :D I'm Sherry1, and as of 2016 I'm a 29-year old with a degree in Illustration and a penchant for writing fanfiction.

From August 2014 until March 2016 I was “out of town,” serving as a fulltime missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Tokyo South, Japan area. (To know about our faith, you can go here: http :// www. mormon. org / (remove spaces) to know what missionaries do, go here: https :// www. mormon. org / missionaries (remove spaces))

Now that I’m back, I’ve realized that what I really want to do is get back into writing! And the best way to do that is to practice.

With that in mind, I will be aiming to finish quite a few of the fanfics that I’ve “left hanging,” so to speak. :)

Here are the ones I am aiming to finish:

Forks (Zootopia)--I just started this one, but it's not going to be very long. Maybe 4 chapters at the very most, full of humor. ;) I lied. It's totally going to be around 8 chapters, because I like torturing myself. Most of which are already in-progress. :)

Hotline (TMNT, non-2012 and 2014)—I have no idea how many chapters this will end up being. XD Wish me luck.

The Best of Intentions (Frozen)—One chapter, Elsa POV.

Glass Walls (Brave)—One more chapter.

Sunny Side Up (Hey Arnold)—At least a closing chapter and an epilogue. This one might take a while, though, as I intend on rereading and editing it before I finish it off. Please bear with me.

Ones I am on the fence about (please provide input if you are interested in these stories being continued):

Icarus (Incredibles)—I want to work on this one, but on my mission a companion and I kind of brainstormed a whole other Synlet fanfic. XD So let me know if you want to read about this one, or if you would like to read something new.

After I finish all of these I will think about finishing some of the other ones. But in the year of 2017 I will be aiming toward writing my own work, so that may play a part in my final decision.

Over the years I've created fanart and book covers for many of the fandoms I've been a part of or stories that I've written. To see them all you can visit my Deviantart account: http :// shahrezad1. deviantart. com / (remove spaces)

If you would specifically like to see the book covers that I've created, there is a subfolder in my gallery marked as such. :)

Thanks again. :)

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