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Due to everything going on in the world and the state of my real life, writing is slow and my motivation to write is non-existence at the moment. I have found that Harry Potter isn't hold much of my attention lately, and I figured a fandom hop wasn't too far away. In the past, I will hyper focus on a new fandom or switch to a different fandom (like A Song of Ice and Fire, MCU, and Naruto in the past) for a few weeks before I lose interest before returning to Harry Potter. At the moment, I find myself writing in Twilight and Grimm.

When I get return to Harry Potter, I am hoping to resume work on Bonds of Family and Shine Bright. I am hoping to finish one or both of this fics by the end of the year. After Bonds of Family and Shine Bright, I would like to work on Emmett Cullen, Triwizard Champion and Silent Symphony. I am aware that I have work to do on Wish Upon a Star, Perchance to Dream, and To Have and To Hold. In addition, I do have a long list of projects I want to start.

How to Contact Eye

Feel free to contact me via the links below. I'm bad at replying to reviews and I don't use the PM system too much. I prefer email since I can easily communicate from my cell phone. I can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, and Discord.

email: GreaterThanFanfiction@

Twitter: EyeGreaterThan and Tumblr: EyeGreaterThanThree


I know some of you are curious about the drabble collection (listed below) that I've started writing. Most people want to know why I'm writing these interest of focusing on my female!Harry stories. While I love female!Harry, I decided to branch out. Writing these isn't easy with the different characters and the different pairings. These drabbles give me a chance to explore new plots and ideas.

Drabble Collection
Acts of Kindness (Harry Potter: Hufflepuff)
–Pure Ambition (Harry Potter: Slytherin)
–Rewrite the Stars (Harry Potter: Black Family)
–Tales of Harmony (Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione)
–To Love a Lion (Harry Potter: Gryffindor)
–Wit Beyond Measure (Harry Potter: Ravenclaw)
–We Found Love (Harry Potter: 200 Pairings)
–Written in Fire (A Song of Ice and Fire)

About Me

My writing styles has changed since I joined this site in May 2010. Back when I first joined, I wrote and read slash (m/m) before deciding to try my hand at a female!Harry story. At the time (December 2011), there weren't a lot of female!Harry stories. My first attempt was Green Eyes.

I have dyslexia, but I try to never let that hold me back. I like reading and writing. So, my writing can came at one of three speeds: inspired, s-l-o-w-l-y, and e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

I write what I want when I want. I have a short attention span, and a wandering brain. I attract and develop plot-bunnies like crazy. Most don't make it passed my journal, and even fewer passed the outlining stage. As a result, some stories are quick and easy to write while others take time and effort, and some are never finished.

These days, a lot of writing is done in my work notebook or with my cell phone on Google Docs or in Evernote. I transfer or type everything out about once a month. Things are messy and unorganized.

Most of the challenges I write for and in response to can be found on Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges Forum.

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