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So, names Tanokki. I write stories that are either Sci-Fi, violent, or both. I also like E.L.O.

Story Stats: Night of the Flesh Eaters: My AU zombie story in the sonic-verse. At the moment trying to set up for last project linking three of my stories. Also going back to fix some spelling errors.

Tails of the World: My first completed multi-chapter story. About Tails and Cream running from a murderous Amy after Tails killed Sonic five years ago. References to Night of the Flesh Eaters and directly related to Tubthumping, my crossover between Banjo Kazooie, Sonic, and Ultraman.

Tubthumping: As previously stated, this is a crossover between the Sonic, Banjo, and Ultraman series. Only one chapter and mostly a setup for the fourth installment of these three linked stories, which will be titled ENDGAME. Everything else is unknown even to me.

Origins: Canceled Banjo fic. Guess a mix of Trophy Thomas backstory/ why they needed a new Mr. Patch for Banjoland.

Feel Good Inc.: I was watching the music video for Feel Good Inc. and for some reason decided to write this. It's an okay oneshot with a hint of Mighty/Vannila. Like I said, written on a whim.

History Repeats Itself: A Sonic and Torchwood crossover where I basically stuck the 456 from Children of Earth on Möbius and decided to see what would happen as a result.

Poltergeist 2000:A retelling of the original Poltergeist 2000, we see how it might unfurl in the year 2010 as opposed to the early '80s. Winner of contest gets/got a cameo for either themselves or a character of theirs. And that's quite enough rambling for now.

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