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Right, I think it's time for a real update on my profile. It's been a while and I think it's deserving of one, to give everyone an insight into my stories and what I'm doing.

I largely write for my own amusement, but in truth, reviews fuel a story's update rate. A story which gets more reviews, takes a higher priority for me when writing them. It's cynical in a way, but the truth is if people are enjoying one story over another, I want the most people possible to enjoy my work at one time.

Stories: Summaries and Comments

Top Priority:

Dragon Ball Z: The Long Road: The story about Son Gohan, if he'd been abducted by Raditz. It doesn't follow his time in the stars, but follows the thing that returns. It's a story about the Sons, it's a story about mistakes, and it's a story about redemption, forgiveness, and things which can never, and should never be forgiven. There is action, drama, tragedy, and friendship all to be found within.

Author's Comments: The story is largely written as a response to a lot of other Gohan abduction stories. I find they tend to let him be... a good person, through and through. Continuously reluctant, always a rebel. If anything, my story argues the other side. It's a darker story apparently, and it's filled with tons of big events. It's probably the closest thing I've had to a breakout story out of my stories, which is why I decided to dedicate so much focus to it.

Dragon Ball Z: The Catalyst: A Raditz survives story, where I work on Raditz as a character much longer. He doesn't simply become a good guy. He doesn't simply change sides. There is real strife, real conflict, and great potential in all sections of the story. Turles is also a major component of the story, along with several mysterious creatures known as Catalysts, trying to guide events to suit their dark plans.

Author's Comments: Fun to write, but sadly has flagged in its popularity. Very hard to write at times as well, given the cast was just so giant. It does still get updates from me, but they are infrequent. The scale of the story also makes it hard for me to keep up with. Though I must admit, I loved writing Raditz and Turles.

Moderate Priority:

Inuyasha: Being Alive: An ironic title name for a story unrelated to the Cowboy Bebop story. A story focusing on Sesshoumaru. In many ways a re-imaging of the Winds of Time, though a distinct story in its own right. A far tighter focus and, grammatically superior story which promises only the best characterizations and cohesion.

Status: Story Started. Continued recently, up to Chapter 10 written.


Inuyasha: The Winds of Time: My first story on this account. A plot following Kagura, Sesshoumaru, and time travelling demons.

Author's Comment: Probably my favourite plot, but I wasn't skilled enough to take on this plot at the time I wrote it. Great fun to write, but a failed project largely.

Dragon Ball Z: The Perfect Monster: A story about Vegeta and Cell, and if they were the same being. Body horror in many ways. A story about a man trapped inside himself with a monster.

Author's Comments: Loved writing it, but few people supported it. Unlikely to receive regular updates.


Coming soon. (Maybe never)


Progress report:

The Long Road:

Chapter 80: - Plotted, not written full form yet.

The Catalyst:

Chapter 102: 50 pages deep, 17,500 words. Still got a long ways to go. Writing. lol

Being Alive:

Chapter 10: Written.

Chapter 11: Not Started.

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