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Probably about time I update this thing, I reckon, given that much of what had been on here before was years out of date. I am a full time teacher, who writes both original and fanfiction stories for fun. One day though, I would love to have a fantasy epic published and have grown up reading the likes of LotR, Wheel of Time, Elric and a great many more fantastical stories drenched in magic and steel and heroics.

Theses are the kinds of stories I love both to read, and to write and as such my fanfics I think reflect that. Inheritance is largely a fantasy adventure story through the lens of Naruto, and Stand Tall and Becoming are both also in that vein. All three of these fics are ACTIVE going into 2024, and I will be trying to post semi-regular updates for all of them, as well as update this page with a little word as to how each fic is going.

I also endeavour to reply to all reviews that ask questions and such, as long as it hasn't already been covered in the A/N in already posted chapters. I'll do this either through PMs or in the A/N themselves, if the question has been asked more than once. I love talking to other members of the community, so fire away. I insist.

I'll assume that if you've gotten this far, you've read, and possibly even enjoyed one of my fics. For that, I'm incredibly grateful. I love you all.

If you want to check out some of my original work, please take a moment to visit my pa treon : /DRKing/

Alternatively, my stuff is on Amazon under the name Dylan King!

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