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Hello, darlings!

JULY 15, 2008

I would like to inform the Fanfiction world that I am back to complete my fic, Always and Never. I've always had positive response to it, and I miss being on this site. It's been a long couple of years filled with drama, but I've never forgotten about this story and this site and it's always weighed on me to have never finished it. Thus, I begin again.

Author of the Moment Archive:

Francienyc: She embodies everything that this website seeks to accomplish; she writes beautiful stories and encourages and challenges her fellow authors. Thanks, Francie.

Jillie- The Queen of Imagery, the Darling of Description. And the sweetest person in the world.

NarfZoink - She took the AuthoroftheMoment's virginity, and it was romantic. There was music and rock my socks, babe.

Message to Authors that I review: I am always honest and under the assumption that people have a basic grasp of the English language when I review a fic. That being said, just because you can spell doesn't get you off the hook. Most of the fics I review I do so because I like very much. But some are reviewed because they offend my sensibilities as a reader, a fan (of the original work), or as a fellow writer. If I don't like your fic, it's probably because you've offended one or more of the above. Some fics have done all three. You probably pissed me off. Is it bitchy? Depends who you are. Is it honest? Completely.

I love reading new fics. If you want me to read and review something, or provide feedback, please let me know. And if you have any recommendations for fics that you like, feel free to share them.

Thanks for stopping by, and check out the authors and fics I have listed under favourites, they are gems inthe dank, steaming caverns of this site. (No offence meant, of course. :D)

Please, if you read, leave a review, even if it's short, because it lets me know that my work is getting read. Constructive criticism is fantastic. I love it.

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