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hi my name Michaela or Micky either one

I'm30 years old now

I'm a girl with two good parents plus a brother who moved to Cape Town now and a wonderful God.

this is my updated profile

I'm from South Africa in Cape Town

i have pets !!!

I like hanging out with my friends.

my favorite music basically anything that has a good beat.

my favorite drink is coffee, coke

my favorite movie is the dust factory, the hunted hour, Avengers, Thor, Ironman, Captain American, and others!

oh and I am a good friend to hear from you.

plus I like writing stories it's my favorite thing to do.

I'm not one for love stories but somehow, i manage to write one that seems to attract many and to my surprise, it makes me what to write more; so if you have not read my love story I suggest you do, cause it is one you wouldn't like to miss. by the way, my favorite shows are, charmed others! thanx to everyone for your Reviews ;) but other than that I'm someone who finds something pretty funny and sometimes somethings sound just plain lame!



Lately, … I’ve been going back to remembering what it was like to hold your hand.

… I’ve been going to remembering what it was like when it only felt like the two of us in a crowded room of people.

… I’ve been wondering if I really ever stood a chance.

… I’ve been thinking ‘What If’ way too much.

… I’ve been too harsh upon myself.

… I’ve been wondering if anything you said was the truth.

But, … Lately, I’ve been wondering if you enjoyed being in the middle of it all.

… If you liked the fact people were fighting over you, no matter what the cost was.

… No matter that I was the one who ended up hurt.

.. & You didn’t even have the decency to tell me. Or warn me. But you just sat there. AND. WATCHED. IT. HAPPEN.

I’ve given it a lot of thought. Too much in fact, that I kept myself up at night. I’ve lost my appetite. Lost my will; my pride. Thinking in time, it’ll change. Thinking if I waited, things would get better; that things would go back to the way they were & how I felt would be rekindled.


What I’ll end up doing, or thinking, I don't know. I’m taking each day at a time. Forcing myself not to think of you. Or what could’ve been? Or what I imagined. Forcing myself to not let this get to me. To drive me mad. Insane, even. But either way, your name echoes in my head, nagging me. & you don’t even care. & out all of that, that’s what I feared the most.

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