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Hello my name is Dianne and I am a married mother of two sons, 23 & 20. I am completely infatuated with Rob. Well two of them actually, since hubs is also named Rob. (Win, Win!) Thank goodness he doesn't give me any crap over it, I guess that is because he gets to reap all the benefits. :-)

I have always hated reading all my life until I discovered ff and now...well... they own me. I wish I had more time to read, but I work a ton. At least 12 hrs a day.

I didn't discover Twilight until New Moon came out on DVD. While out shopping late at night, I saw the forever-long line of people waiting to get the DVD at midnight and that had me curious. I thought it was a teenybopper movie, but who I saw in the lines, weren't teenyboppers. I didn't get the movie that night, but the next day I was in another store with the family and noticed the big huge display case for New Moon was completely empty. As I was wandering around the store waiting for everyone to finish shopping, I saw a misplaced DVD. I picked it up and then thought, hum, I think I better get this. Maybe I am missing something BIG.

Well New Moon is no good without the first movie, so I got Twilight too. I watched the movies back to back and that was it, I was hooked. I txt'd a friend who had been trying to get me to read the books for a long time to bring the Twilight book to work the next day. I know, roll your eyes, but remember, I didn't like to read. Well, I consumed the book and ordered all of the series 2nd day air. I read all the books in one week, while working 12-14 hrs a day. I am not sure I even slept. Hubs was baffled, mom was flabbergasted. Everyone was pointing at me and saying look - she is READING !!

From there I wondered if I was infatuated with Edward or "that guy who played Edward". That lead me to google, which lead me to Midnight Sun and a man named Robert Pattinson. RAoR has my daily home for years. Tons and tons of women, many older than I, that had been bitten as well. I thought wow, there is nothing wrong with me.

Years later, I am just as hooked as I was in the beginning. Between RAoR weekly rec's and being severely disappointed in Breaking Dawn, lead me to the wonderful world of FF. Ahhh!!! I was in heaven. Someone isn't scared to say more than broken headboards and covered in feathers. Fade to black is not what I want. No wonder I didn't like newspapers, magazines, books. It all had the wrong content to keep me interested. I have read everything, Romance, Angst, BDSM, Comfort, Hurt, AH and AU. Angst isn't my fav, but I can get through it by plunging ahead and please allow me a HEA. Real life doesn't always grant those, but I escape to the reading world to have one.

There are many talented writer's out there. I could never write, and I am in awe of those who can. I do lack a verbal filter, and I prefer the books to be the same way. It is what it is. I don't need it candy coated, and I definitely don't want it PG-13. I want to feel what the character's feel. Be it love, hurt, anger or lust. That being said, H.S. fics are not my cup of tea, although I have read a few of them.

EPOV will always be my fav. I love that we get into their minds, their soul. To know their wants, their desires, what sends them over the edge. That is the twitch-in-my-seat feeling that sends me to Def-Con 10 and panting for more.

You can usually find me at RAoR, TCS, RobAttack, Twilighted, or tumblr. Although I have a twitter and a facebook page, I find I really do not have a lot of time to spend there. I have a youtube page that you will find basically Rob. I am dmickey on and everywhere else rdmickey1989.

I have been asked a few times about the significance of the year in my profile. For those that really are curious, 1989 is not the year I was born, it is the year I was married. *snort* (I have been asked that way too many times)



While I have started reading many ff, some I wound up abandoning. If the story is twilight related, then I prefer the usual pairings. I have found I can read just about anything as long as I have a HEA and well, I like the lemons. I also find reading WIPS that the momentum of story changes and it gets lost without regular updates. I have had some go 1.5-2 months without an update and then start posting again. It is not that the story was bad, I just found that I would have to re-read just to get caught back up in the story. I wound up abandoning the story and perhaps will pick them back up later when they complete. There is just too many I want to read just to have to re-read a chapter in order to get back into the swing of things. I understand RL gets in the way, it does with mine as well, but instead of having a bad taste in my mouth for needing more and cannot have it, I found it is just better to save til later.

For someone who never reads... *snort*

The fanfics that are worth repeating that I have either already read or currently reading are:

WIPS or currently reading

An Innocent Discovery
Crossing the Lines
Dancin in the Dark
Forgive Me Father, For I Will Sin
Heavy In Your Arms
Little Green and EasyBella
Me and Mr. Cullen
Rendezvous With Death
When The Tree Fell

WIPS currently reading in Semi - Hiatus

A Taste of Honey
Birthday Shots
Broken Headboards, Power Panties, and Penis Charms
Cameo Hotel
Fall and Rise
Fold Your Wings
My Viking
She Gives Me Religion
S.O.U.L. (Sketches Of Ultimate Love)
Taken In the Night
The Last Mission
Uninhibited Wallflower
When Bunnies Attack


A Debt Repaid
A Life Extraordinary
A Pound of Flesh
Adult Book Store
All Nighters
Between Pleasure and Pain and it's outtakes (He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood)
Blood and Lust *B&L*
Bloody Kisses
Brazilian Chocolate
Camisado and the Outtakes
Catching Spiders
Channel 5 (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
Clipped Wings and Inked Armor *CW & IA*
Coloring Outside the Lines
Cooking With Fire
Connections - EP outtake
Could Be Worse, Right? *CBWR*
Creature of Habit
Creatures of Habit
Dark Goddess
Darkness (popped my ff cherry on this one when it had just started as a WIP no less)
Dear Veronica
Died and Gone to heaven as well as it's compliment BEG
Do Over
Drum Sticks and Penalty Kicks
Edwards Eternal Kiss *EEK*
Emancipation Proclamation *EP*
Felt (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
First Edition
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Fridays At Noon
Game On Baby
Glass House
Going Down?
Grasping Darkness (BY FAR...the best Vampfic I have ever read)
Grasping Darkness, Hungry Light
Harvard Can Wait
Harvard Can Wait, No Longer
Help Wanted
His Personal Assistant *HPA*
I Love College
In Your World
I Remember December
Isla de Cullen
I Want it Painted Black
Key West
Last Tango in Forks *LTiF*
Letters to Corporal Masen
Let Your Light Shine
Liquor, Lube and Latex
Mars and Venus
Master of the Universe *Motu *
Master of the Universe 2 *Motu2*
Million Dollar Baby *MDB*
Misapprehension of Bella Swan *MoBS*
My Beautiful Storm
My Heart My Home
No Measure of Time
Now and Then
O Holy Christmas
Once Upon a Saturday
Open to Interpretation *OTI*
Paris Stars Are Blind
Play by Play (Offside outtake)
Practice to Deceive
Principessa - EP novella for Fandom4Tsunami
Public Enemy Number One: An EP Novella
Rescue Me
Righteous and Wicked *RaW*
Sanstone Cove
Send Me An Angel
Spin and Sway
Spy Games
Sub Plans *SP*
Surviving Bella
Swing My Way
Tempt My Tongue
The Best I Ever Had
The Best Thing I Ever Did
The Biology Project
The Blackened Flame
The Breakers
The Dominant
The Education of Professor Cullen
The Five Mistakes I Made that Lead Me to You
The Geheime Vernietiging
The Lost Boys
The Naked Guy Upstairs
The Office
The Plan
The Red Line *TRL*
The Singer and The Sorrow
The Single Game
The Submissive *TS*
The University of Edward Masen *UoEM*
The Weight of Words *TWoW*
The Workshop *TW*
There Will Be Blood *TWbB*
There Will Be Freedom *TWbF*
These Hearts Adore
Trash & Darlin's
Tropic of Virgo *ToV*
Two Makes Three *TMT*
Unexpected Circumstances *UC*
University of Edward Masen *UoEM*
Volunteer #13
Watching Her
What Speaks in Darkness
Where Roads Converge
Whispered Words and False Promises *WWaFP* - Pulled and never completed. Such a shame it was getting so so good.
Wild Child
Winds of Change
Win Some, Lose Some
With the Lights Out
Words Esacape Me
Written in the Stars


Addictive Lunacy
A Debit Repaid (Fandom for Tsunami) - NOW extended
A Love not meant for this World
All I want for Christmas is You
A Second Honeymoon
Blurred Lines (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
Buttercup (Outtake for Little Green and EasyBella)
Closing Time
Club Erotica
Details (3 Chp)
Double Dings
Dirty Words
Duty Weapon
Eiffel Tower Morning
Eiffel Tower Serenade
Extrication in Ink
Family Suite Obsession
Game On
Give it to Me (Dirty Talking Edward contest 2013)
Giving In to Temptations
Hard as a Rock (Dirty Talking Edward contest 2013)
Have Yourself a Sneaky Little Christmas
How Far
I Heard the Bells
In The Shadow of the Prado
In the Flesh (Dirty Talking Edward contest 2013)
In The Wings
Isle Esme
Jingle Balls
La Petite Boudoir Ménage A Trios
Lips Like Scarlet Sugar
Monkey Business
Oh Horny Night, A Christmas Tale
Olive You
One Night
Pas De Deux
Pearls of Desire (outtake of I Want it Painted Black, chp 10 - EPOV)
Piano Man (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
Picture Perfect
Power Tools and Pearls (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
Practice Makes Perfect
Pulled Over (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
Reckoning At Dawn
Remember This (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan
Stockholm Syndrome (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
Tequila Brave (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)
Tertius (More is More Contest 2013)
The Best I Ever Had
The Christmas Surprise
The Second Night
Trust (Little Green and EasyBella outtake)
Uninhibited Wallflower Oneshot
War Zone
Want No More and it's compliment What I Want
While in the Moment
Who Says (Dirty Talking Edward Contest 2013)

These stories you can find mostly below, but also on , TWCS, as well as their own perspective websites. If you looking for one I have read and cannot find them, send me a message in my inbox.

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