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Ok I'm new here peoples so dont be mean to me. I am not a writer, but most of my friends are. They seem to think that I have realy good ideas and should create an acount. So I created an acount. Now I'm not some one who likes to talk about my self and have a narcissistic personality. I'm very opposite to that and hate when people do that. Even after saying that I have to say I agree with my friends Ido have great ideas and people seem to love them. Now the problem being is as I said before I am in no way shape, form, or fashion a writer. The ideas are there but I have a hard time geting them down on paper. so at the sugestion of my friends (When I say sugestion I mean they all but attacked me. well lets just say there was a colorfull language volcano erupting at my not wanting to create this. Don't worry they just did that to make me laugh and agree. And incase you haven't caught on I find people cussing funny) I have created this acount and am going to try my hand at writing and please dont be meanif you dont like it. Becuase I have to tell you I am a red head and red heads are known for thier firey tempers, and i dont forgive people easily. If you are mean to me you will be blocked. But I do want you to help me give me some pointers and tell me what I should fix and what you want to hear. Oh and i love it when people write stories together so if you want to get in on a story with me you can just create something in your own fashion based on what I've started. Considering that is if people like my stories.

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