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Hi! I'm xXI.AM.BEASTXx but go ahead and call me Danni.

I sometimes get major writer's block, but I love writing, so here I am.

The stories I write and publish here are from my favorite books or other forms of entertainment, not meant to insult the originals, but to say "what if this happened"?

That being said, I really appreciate when I get something wrong in my own versions and someone corrects me. I also appreciate constructive criticism as well as positive feedback in the reviews I receive.


I have a lot of experience in editing and have some strange but good ideas. Fair-warning, I don't tip-toe around things that need to be said. If something in your story needs to be changed or I think something needs to be added, I'll say it. I don't do it to be rude, I just don't sugar-coat things.

I have an Associate Degree in English, which specializes in things such as grammar and syntax. I know the difference between "to" and "too". I know where to put "there", "their" and "they're", and I know how to find these things where they don't belong. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing, and spent two years reading other student's materials and editing, commenting and responding to each story. 2-3 stories a week for 2 years straight in University.

I'm very good at spelling, and if I don't know a word, I look it up.

The reason I'm willing to beta is not only for anyone who needs a beta, but for myself. It helps me practice my craft.

Thank you for reading and considering!

Disclaimer: Most of the stories that I have posted onto this page are stories that I wrote while in high school before I had any experience in professional writing and editing. I keep them as examples for me to look back at so I can see how far I've come.

Below is an example of what I've written more recently, not fanfiction, so if I catch anyone stealing this below, there will be consequences:

'Marie offered a jerky nod before excusing herself from the office to move to her own desk space in the office two doors down. Forgotten hard-copy articles from the past weekend sat in an organized pile on the corner of her desk. She grabbed them as she moved to sit down, spreading them out in front of her like a deck of cards. She was going to make herself forget about this entire morning for as long as she could before she had to call Barra, and oh, she would be calling Barra. She just hoped Bar was anticipating the amount of venom that Marie knew she was going to spray through the phone.

A knock on her metal doorframe interrupted her before she could finish reading through the first article. Henry stood half in and half out the doorway, staring at the blue diamond-shaped table weight on her desk and shifting as if he wasn't sure what he was there for. She cleared her throat, hoping to make him squirm. He looked pretty uncomfortable already.

In her mind, that was a good thing.

"Can I help you?" Marie asked. Her hands moved to collect the articles back into a pile and patted them into uniformity. This would be her first conversation with him since his transfer, and she was going to be as professional as she could seem. He may have a higher position than her concerning employment, but she had been in with Harmony Newslonger than he had and therefore had seniority. She tried to convince herself of this fact, anyway. '

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