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What to say what to say... The name is Kit. I'm 34. For those who have read my Fanfictions I hope you like them, and I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates... believe me my own original works in progress are screaming at me as well.

Also on Ao3 if you know the site I have a 3 world crossover on it. The Avenger's/The Loser's/Fantastic Four... There is one common reason for that. His name... Christopher Robert Evans... If you want to read it and are into the Marvel/DC worlds. You can find it titled under the following. Is This a Dream or Reality by: Kit_Coupal. I have a few other stories that are cross posted from here onto there. As well as a Hobbit Fanfiction titled Memories of A Time Long Gone. I'm still working on all of these and sadly writers block is a massive issue, and life gets in the way. Please don't hate me if you are waiting for anything to be updated.

Stories in progress:

Harry Potter

Change the Fates Design


His Biggest Regret


The Truth Behind Alex Russo


Calls Me Home

Hopeful future Stories:

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Life is a tale told by an idiot; full of sound and fury... Signifying nothing. Shakespeare

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