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Hello my name is Emmi, I love a very potter musical and glee alot cause Darren Criss is TOTALLY AWSOME!


Best Male/Male Duet

Baby it's Cold Outside, Candles and Somebody I used to know.

Best Female/Female Duet

Dance with somebody, River deep mountain high and I kissed a girl.

Best Female/Male Duet

La isla bonita, defying gravity and Don’t you want me.

Best Overall Solo

Fighter, Valarie and the boy next door.

Best Male Solo

It’s not unusual, I wanna hold your hand and Teenage dream.

Best Female Solo

Back to black, Songbird and Take a bow.

Best Non-New Direction Song

Somewhere Only We Know, Raise You Glass and I’m a survivor/I will survive.

Best New Direction Song

Born this Way, Light up the world and Don’t stop beliving.

Best New Character

Blaine, Wes and David.

Best New Direction Male Group Number

Stop in the name of love, Friday and It’s my life/confessions.

Best New Direction Female Group Number

I kissed a girl, Livin on a prayer/start me up, Walking on sunshine/Halo.

Best Guest Star

Cooper Anderson, Holly Holiday and David Martinez.

Best Mashup

Rumor Has It/ Someone Like You, Thriller/heads will roll and Hungary like the wolf/rio.

Best Overall Song

Blackbird, I Want To Hold Your Hand, As If We Never Said Goodbye.

Best Vocal Performance of New Directions

Light up the world, fly, Perfect.

Best Dancing Performance of New Directions

You should be dancing, dance with somebody and Valarie.

Best Costumes in a Performance of New Directions

Born This Way, Thriller/ Heads Will Roll and Time warp.

Best Kiss (One Per Episode at Least)

Kliss in Original Song, Kliss in The First Time and brittana in silly little love songs.

Best New Couple

Klaine, Brittana and Finachel

Best New Friendship

Blaine/Mike, Santana/Rachel and Artie/Quinn

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