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Heeey guys, i'm Samantha but i like to be called Sam or Sammi. I'm half English but I live in California, USA and i'm 16. I have a awesome friends and i totally love them! i love to shop and hang with my friends because they're the best!

Twilight Oath

I promise to remeber Bella,

Each time i carelessly fall down,

I promise to remeber Edward,

Whenever i'm out of town,

I promise to obey traffic laws,

For charlie's sake of course,

And i promise to remeber Jacob,

when my heart fills with remorse,

I promise to remeber Carlisle,

whenever i'm in the emergancy room,

And i promise to remeber Emmett

Everytime theres a huge boom,

I promise to remeber Rose

whenever someone holds pure beauty,

And i promise to remeber Alice,

Whenever i'm at the mall and a cute outfit spots me,

I promise to remeber Nessie

when i see that beautiful curly hair

And i promise to remeber Esme

Whenever someone tells me they care,

I promise to remeber Jasper,

Whenever my emotions are unfurled

And i promise to remeber the Volturi

whenever someone speaks of dominating the world

Yes i promis to love twilight

where ever i may go,

So that all may see my obsession,

Because i know what the twilighters know

Emmett Cullen; Stronger than you since 1916

Jasper Hale;Charming Ladies since 1843

Alice Cullen; Quirkier than you since 1901

Rosalie Hale;Better than you since 1916

Edward Cullen; Sexier than you since 1901

Bella Swan; Clumsier than you since 1987

Protection from the outside-

Bellas shopping outfit-http:///shoponline/women/apparel/dresses/prodT2PSJ

Bellas shopping shoes-http:///navigation.asp?tskay=112439D7&gender=D&season=main&tp=16787gclid=CMeMv8GI0qICFRYN3godmywU0w#/item/cod10/44237989EJ/gender/D/season/main/grid/0

Alices shopping outfit-http:///fashion/7-spring-summer-2010-chanel-collection-look-28,18 (Not the shoes)

Roses shopping outfit-http:///deg/#/collection/woman/11


so guys, its been a while since my last update for both my stories but i've been over in the u.k visiting my family for the last few months and havent really had time to update. i've learnt alot on Englands culture, music and film while i've been there and its inspired me to start a new story thats been taking up most of my time. i'm focusing on completing that story so when i post it there wont be long waits for updates. My 2 current stories, a little prank on jessica and protection from the outside(lame title i know), are getting worked on slowly. They're not officialy up for adoption but if anyones interested message me! Thanks guys (:

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