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All you need to know is that I am a teen, Don't talk much, and I love to draw. And I'm a Sonic, Kingdom Hearts and Ed, Edd n Eddy fan.


Fan Characters:

Energy the Hedgehog: An energetic blue Hedgehog. He is always full of energy, and Loves physical activity, like running (which he is very good at) and other athletics. He has a strong heroic spirit, and can never ignore someone who's in danger. He hates evil, and will always do whatever he can to help people and do good. He never stays in one place for too long, and goes where the wind takes him. He's also crazy, insane, hyperactive and a natural fun-loving jokester. He acts erratically and unpredictably, and doesn't appear to think before he acts. His mind is a chaotic mess of randomness and insane ideas that would never work yet always do. He's also talented with clay, music, and loves playing video games. He isn't just energetic, but is literally filled with Pure Energy, the source energy that all other forms of energy deviated from. He can absorb and manipulate any form of energy, and can use his own concentrated energy as energy beams, energy blasts, or can sculpt it into different weapons (preferaby swords).

REAL NAME: Dan Cruezer

Sparky the Kitsune: A quiet fox with bright yellow fur and two special tails. He never talks and can be shy around people he doesn't know, or isn't comfortable around, and doesn't like to be center of attention. He locks away all of his emotions, remaining calm and stoic, although he is impatient, always in a rush, and can never slow down physically or mentally. Despite his constant need for speed, he isn't impulsive, and thinks before he acts, although he can easily end up overthinking situations and hesitating to even act in the first place. He's willing to believe in almost anything regardless of mysticality or religious basis, but this also makes him superstitious and he has a fear of black-furred cats since he believes that they have bad luck (he himself already has a lot of bad luck in his life already). Although his speed, flying and intellect more than make up for it, he is very weak when it comes to physical upper body strength. He was taught by his grandfather many forms of martial arts and fighting, as well as the ins and outs of computers, and technological engineering, and his natural creativity and imagination that comes from his inner-artist allows him to do unique things with those skills. He loves Drawing, Running, Flying, Video Games, and using the computer. He is skilled at using Electrokinesis, and is learning how to use the secondary powers that come with it, Like Manipulating Technology and Magnetism.

REAL NAME: Shawn Fowl

Lovable the Hedgehog: A young female Hedgehog who Has a very positive Personality, and always smiles. No really, she never gets mad. Or sad, or frightened. She loves everything. She is perpetually cheerful, energetic, loving, kind, compassionate, caring, and loves seeing others in love. In contrast to her brother, Sparky, Lovable thinks with and follows her heart rather than her mind, and is in tune with the emotions resonating from the people around her. Because of this, she can also come off as ditzy, loony, and weird, and sometimes she acts just as crazy and illogical as Energy does. She can also be slightly insecure about her appearance, and tries to make sure she always looks her best. She has power over the Heart as well as the Light.

REAL NAME: Christina "Crystal" Heart

Eclipse the Tenrec: A dark, Black tenrec with red streaks. He is very dark, cruel, and has a negative personality, although this is usually hidden under a false persona. He dislikes many things, But he does care about a select few of people, but if you hurt them, he will find you. Although he can be cold, heartless, lazy and narcissistic, under all that lies a hidden heart of gold (whether he'll admit it or not) and he will drop everything to rescue an innocent life in danger. He's a master tactician and strategist, as well as a fighting prodegy with a natural killer instinct. He also has a hidden psychopathy and sadism, his psyche is dangerously twisted and just as abnormal as Energy, but in an unnerving and chilling way. Although not noticable at first, there's something "off" about him, where it's questionable whether he's an actual tenrec in the first place or if he has some mysterious ancestry or genetics. He has manipulation over Darkness, an unstable Negative Energy, and the Void. He can warp using the shadows and void for easy transportation, although he can easily match Energy's running speeds.

REAL NAME: Mikhail Seguna.

Cosmix The Mink: A cyan-and-silver mink. He is impulsive and prefers to fight first, ask questions later. He's not an idiot, but he usually doesn't think things through enough, although he can actually be very bright when the situation calls for it. He also fights very recklessly, with almost no strategy or even care for his own well being, although he will always protect his friends in battle. He loves cool places and winter. He also has an interest in Astronomy. He controls cosmic and lunar energy, Gravity, and even space-time to an extent.

REAL NAME: Clyde Winters

Star The Cat: A cat with fur as gold as the sun who dreams of being a superstar. She is fast and athletic, can be brash, cocky and arrogant, and can quickly lose her temper whenever she doesn't get what she wants. She's extremely rich, and has always been spoiled by her dad, getting whatever she asks for whether she deserves it or not. She is highly narcissistic and overconfident in herself, and "knows" that she's hot stuff. She can be very vain about her looks and always dresses in stylish clothing. She loves the Summer and warm/tropical places. She can generate and control Solar Energy and Fire.

REAL NAME: Mary Summers

Volcanix the Echidna: An Red-Orange passionate echidna with a fiery temper. He has a lot of pent-up rage and aggression within him, and will quickly erupt into an unstoppable anger when ticked off. When calm, he can come off as a pretty nice, helpful guy to the general public, but anyone close enough to him knows that he can be cruel, prideful, and sadistic. If it wasn't for Energy and Sparky being his closest friends, he could easily have ended up being an unstoppable evil. Despite how he acts when calm, he hates people in general, and prefers to be alone. Sparky considers him to be "emotionally unstable" as he doesn't hide how he's feeling and is a very emotional person. He has a lot of power and strength in his fists, and he can control the raging heat and power of magma.

REAL NAME: Gregory Simmons

Boom the Lion: A music loving, football playing Teal Lion. He's very strong and highly athletic with a natural talent when it comes to making music, and never takes off his headphones. He's usually laid back and relaxed, and has a very close friendship and bond with Sparky. He is brave and couragous, with a lot of pride. He can control Sound and Thunder.

REAL NAME: John Lorenzo

(Update: 11/22/14)

So... my New Sonic Heroes story? Yeah, that's going to be rebooted. Again. This time, it's not just going to be a rewrite. Everything will be written completely from scratch. That is, I mean, it will be a completely new take on the original story. My characters will be much better fleshed out (and will have slightly altered designs, but this is a FanFiction.Net so that's irrelevant.) and will be introduced into the story in much different locations then they were before. I think I have much more that needs to be said, but this is all I can manage to put into words.

Not that anyone's reading this anyway... I actually haven't been on here in a while.

(Update: 08/21/13)

My Sonic Generations adaptation is on what I think is called a Hiatus. This is because it is supposed to follow the Game's timeline but also include elements from the various Sonic continuities as well (Such as Archie, X, Fleetway, Underground, etc.). But since preview pages of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 252 has been leaked onto the internet, and the pages reveal that the comic's world has been heavily altered, as if the Archie Continuity, the 1st Genesis Wave world and the Second Genesis Wave world (Sega Continuity) collided into one continuity. But until the actual issue comes out or more information on this new universe is revealed, I'll have to postpone the Sonic Generations adaptation as a result.

On the subject of the New Sonic Heroes rewrite; The 7th chapter probably would have been added by now, but unfortunately, my computer messed up or something and I don't know what happened. But because of that, It keeps blue-screening as it tries to boot up and due to that, I can't access any of my files or anything. That includes the (...unfinished...) chapter of New Sonic Heroes rewrite. So I'll have to completely rewrite it from scratch.

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