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This, I think, is where I should give out basic information that creepy stalker people might want to know, and give the excuses I may or may not have for not updating for weeks, maybe months at a time, right? Basically, my life is back in order, but I'm not really inspired. And I have a new inspiration. Newsies. I LOVE them, and if you haven't seen the movie, watch it. It's fantastic.
You want to know how obsessed I currently am with them? Well to quote an epic poster-picture-thing my friend posted on my wall last night: "One by one, the newsies steal my sanity" That pretty accurately describes it. So watch it! And let me know which newsies are your favorites! Mine is Spot. And Dutchy. And Mush, and Specs, and Skittery, and of course Racetrack... See, thats what the whole "The newsies steal my sanity" think is about. If I had it my way... I'd be married to Dutchy, with Spot and Racetrack as my gay nextdoor neighbors, Mush and his (boy)friend Blink as my gay best friends, and Specs and Skitts as my big brothers.
Oh yeah, did I mention that my dear friend, BumletsGoil18 and I very much enjoy pairing the boys together? If you watch the movie, keep an eye out for Blush (Blink and Mush) Sprace (Spot and Racetrack) Javid (Jack and David. That one's pretty obvious, I really don't see how you could miss it), Sputchy (Specs and Dutchy They're adorable together. I still want to marry Dutchy though.), and SO many more.
But mainly keep an eye out for my holy trinity of slash: Blush, Sprace, and Javid. The three couples that, in my opinion, CAN NOT be broken up.

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My dear friend Julia (I'd say her last name, but I actually kind of like her so I don't want freaky stalkers stalking her) said "Oh, you had sanity? ...that's awkward..."

That's pretty much it... If your story interests me, even a tiny bit, I'll add it to my alerts, if I like it I'll leave a review (I tend to live by the golden rule, I'd hate it if someone flamed my story... no matter how crappy it is, clearly the author thought it was worth sharing for some reason...), if you manage to make me LOVE a story it will go on my favorites, and I will probably reread it half a dozen times every year. Sometimes, I live for those stories, so stop reading my stupid profile and start writing... the world needs some more of those in there!

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