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(Except if the two person is actually same person, NOT Twins, NOT Parallel Self!)

Hate Love Triangle/s too!

(Polyandry is NOT Love Triangle! And I only like/ship One Polyandry pairing so far. #Check the below)

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I'm mostly reader, but sometimes Author. Apologize to everyone who Love-Hate my fic. *bows*

I'm not promising anything...


I'm Romance-writer, especially in this fandom; NARUTO. You could see that in my story collection, right? Especially in pairing SasukexNaruto. That's my OTP.

If possible, I intend to make fic later in the future about Naruto who married both Hinata and Sasuke. And it might end up Time Travel fic. But the one who time travel is their children.

And I'm sorry, I already read the Manga and watch the Movie, but I still don't like Boruto...
The only Next Gen I like is Mitsuki and Shikadai. I'm curious about Inojin though.

And for the Pairing that I Love is:

Straight - Naruto/Hinata (Hinata the only female I accept to be pair with Naruto), Neji/Hinata (Soulmate I think in Yin/Yang way), Minato/Kushina (Sweet and Awesome), Shikamaru/Temari (Interesting), Fugaku/Mikoto, Pein/Konan, Lee/Tenten, Lee/Sakura, etc?

Slash - SasuNaru (OTP; Because their unbreakable bond), KakaIru (seems like Canon, and it's funny pairing!), ShikaNaru (just because), SasoDei, MitsuBoru (Because Mitsuki like Boruto. Even though I dislike Boruto), etc?

Crack/Non-Canon Pairing : ItaKura(Kyuubi) (because it's cute in my mind!), Neji/Hanabi (Cute).

Katekyo Hitman Reborn:

Okay, i just want to say this clearly! When i read/write Friendship-Family(plus any genre) fanfiction, i WILL NOT put the Romance or want to read the Romance inside that fic. Except if the pairing is the Canon one aka TsunaxKyoko or TsunaxHaru with RyoheixHana, ColonelloxLal, and GammaxYuni! That's already Canon, so i cant help but fine with(and liking) it! Because sometimes Romance can ruin the good story to be bad!

Okay, And for the Pairing that I Love is:

Straight - Tsuna/Haru(2786), Tsuna/Kyoko(2795), Tsuna/Chrome(2796), Mukuro/Chrome(6996), Ryohei/Hana(3387), Colonello/Lal Mirch, Gamma/Yuni, Lambo/I-pin, etc?

I like Harem Tsuna! Especially when Tsuna in Manly mode and many girl like him! But there's something that bothering me. If i make Tsuna to have a kid, who's his wife? And unfortunately, i thought Tsuna to have two wife aka Kyoko and Haru. That's so something, indeed. (._.) But i don't want Tsuna to denying Haru's love. But Kyoko already like him too! And i don't want Tsuna to dump one of those girl! So what if Tsuna have two wife?

Slash - YamaGoku(8059) OTP, DinoHiba(D18) OTP, MukuTsuna(6927) TP, TsunaEnma(2700) OTP, Xanxus/Squalo(XS) TP, etc?

My OTP is 8059 for sure! You should not deny their love! (ˆˆ) The second is D18! Look how Dino can handle our wild prefect! And we all know that Kyoya never really win againts his tutor, Dino. And the third is actually XS. They're too obvious! And the others; Tsuna is Boss of the biggest mafia Famiglia after all. So he can handle his sneaky-tsundere(?) male mist guardian aka Mukuro! But can protect Enma as bestfriends! I'm not the type that not loyal with my fave pairing. I'm the type who like one person with only one person too! But maybe after you see that i like Tsuna to Mukuro and Enma, you think i'm not loyal. No, i'm loyal type! If i chose who's better, i can't anwer clearly. But maybe than lover, Enma more suitable to become Tsuna's very bestfriend. Maybe having Bromance is okay. But for Mukuro, he have a special one! Boss-Ser... err- i mean, Boss-guardian relationship and more! Since Mukuro doesn't want to admit that he cares at someone who change him and care about him too! Lol... He's tsundere! After all, Tsuna understand Mukuro the most! That's why he's the special one!

Crack Pairing - Slash: Fuuta/Basil(TOPFuuta). Straight: Shouichi/Kyoko, Spanner/Haru, Enma/Haru.

And about how i pair Shouichi to Kyoko, because their nature somehow suitable. And about Spanner with Haru, their nature is the same! They're both unique and persistent! Spanner love japanese, Haru is japanese type! *chuckle* And how Enma to Haru? Enma is kind type, so if Tsuna reject Haru's love, as Tsuna's bestfriend and caring type, Enma can comfort Haru. And Haru can let herself to like Enma! Enma has something that girl type like Haru or Chrome can like Enma back! :D ahaha

Oh, and I HATEAll27 or Allxfem!27 or any pairing with Female Tsuna except for pairing 6927. and maybe R27? though i never used to like it nor hate it. Just neutral. As long as Tsuna not look like weak person or b*tch! And i NEVER WANT to take a liking to like AllxTsuna! NO WAY IN HELL!!! Oh, and forgot to say... i actually never really read fic with Fem!Tsuna without real (Canon MALE) Tsuna there! *grin* As if i can read fem!Tsuna comfortable. Real (Canon MALE) Tsuna always make me feel at easy!

Oh again, I HATE if Yamamoto Takeshi paired with someone other than Gokudera Hayato! I SERIOUSLY HATE THAT! YAMAMOTO FOR GOKUDERA ONLY!! That's why i'm picky at read something! I don't want to feel angry or disappointed with what i read. Yamamoto is one of my Best favorite character after all! And Gokudera too! Oh, right, forgot to say this; Yamamoto's role is ALWAYS be TOP!

[don't get angry! This is my only opinion! Never change!]


Slash - USUK (first OTP and Canon!), GerIta (second OTP and Canon!), SpaMano (Funny and Cute), RussPruss (OTP and Entertaining!), FraNada, Austria/Switzerland, LietPoland, Hongkong/Iceland, Sweden/Finland, and STILL MORE (i guess).

Straight - Austria/Hungary (they look lovely), Russia/fem!Prussia (Obviously!), male!Hungary/fem!Prussia (Seems interesting), Japan/Taiwan, Thailand/Vietnam, etc?

Trio/Group Friends/Family - The Magic Trio, The Axis, FACE or ACE family (without romance or with my favorite pairing), The Big Brothers Trio, The Nordic, etc?

In My opinion, counted as Headcanon, that Nations/Countries doesn't have problem with any gender. First, because they aren't human in the first place, and second, because how How many male-gender population of Nation than female-gender. So actually none is Gay/Lebian or Straight. They are like BI or PAN.

My OTP is AmericaxEngland(USUK) for sure! You can see in my favourite fanfic how the pairing filling it. They can be as Family, Brothers, Partner. and Lover. And they're Canon in both Hetalia and Real World. Their Special Relationship Prove it as well! The second one like i listed it is GerIta. They're Canon as well and Obvious. The third, i would say RuPru aka RussiaxPrussia. I know how rare people like this couple, but i LOVE it. I wouldn't say it was Canon, but i would be lie if i don't feel the Canon moment of that pair either. SpaMano could be counted as the fourth of my OTP and Canon pair. Because the third Canon pairing is placed for AustriaxHungary, even though the couple placed at 5th as my OTP. The rest of the pairing, well, normal but i like and love them because they're cute, interesting, and sweet. Oh, and Unique and Epic, like HongkongxIceland and ThailandxVietnam.

Second, I HATE if America/USA/Alfred F. Jones paired with someone other than England/UK/Arthur Kirkland! I SERIOUSLY HATE THAT! EVEN IF IT WAS JUST FOR HINTS! AMERICA FOR ENGLAND ONLY! So is England for America only (except if America hurt England)! That's why i'm picky at reading some fic. I don't like read something that make me uncomfortable. I don't want to feel angry or disappointed with what i read. My Number one favourite character is England after all, so i don't like seeing him get hurt or sad (but i like seeing him getting emotional and crying). Oh, and by the way, I Always think the role of TOP between them is for America only. I mean, i can read USUKUS sometimes, and i agree if they change their role in bed sometimes, but i never like UKUS. And i don't think i would in the future. And even though i like Bottom England, doesn't mean he can't be dominant one. I like seeing Dominant-Top!America x Dominant/Power Bottom England. LOL That would be Epic Sex Play. After all England was Former Pirate and Former Empire. Dominant was part of his personality. But he's still have Pure Heart even though he's an Erotic Ambassador. That's why he can see Fairies and many Magical Creature.

[Don't you dare get angry and insult me if you disagree with what i said! You CAN get angry, but do it SECRETLY. Don't start WAR! This is my only opinion! Never really change!]

One Piece:

Slash - Definitely Zoro/Luffy(ZoLu). The most Canon that i can see, and one of my Best OTP. Their relationship is Awesome both just Captain and First Mate or more to Lover. Zoro is so loyal to Luffy. He more or less bond-ed with him. He even sacrifice himself for Luffy. And Luffy had so much faith at him (and all his Nakama of course). Ace/Luffy, maybe. Though i more chose over-protective Ace(and Sabo) as brother to Luffy. So i more brothership!AceLu than they become couple. Marco/Ace seems popular too. I was still tried to discovered why people seems to like that pairing. But after read some fanfic about Marco/Ace as family-brothers, and read doujin about them too (thought non romance/shounen-ai), i think i began to understand why... Though i still more like them together as just family-brothers-friends. And there's one pairing that i avoid the most. I honestly hate it, but i wont say what pairing is that. But it could be obvious with how none of my fav fanfic relate to that pair.

Straight - Franky/Robin, because that pairing seems appear so natural. And Sanji/Nami. And i liked Usopp/Kaya better even though a little curious with Usopp/Nami, but i more see them as siblings. But the Obvious here is Zoro/fem!Luffy Of Course! And Love One-side Hancock/Luffy.

Trio/Group Friends/Family - Straw Hat Pirates/family, Monster Trio, Adult Trio (Robin, Franky, Brook), Weakling Trio, Trio Supernova (Luffy, Law, Kidd), ASL Brothers.

Slash - StevexTony/Stony/Superhusbands. Probably one and Only! And it's CANON! But i also find out that BrucexTony/Scienceboyfriends is cute. Though i more into them as Science Bro, since their friendshipness was the best! (after Rhodey/Tony!Frendship). Oh, and I also accept PhilxClint.

Straight - BrucexNatasha. ClintxNatasha. DEFINITELY Stevexfem!Tony(Natasha Stark) since it's CANON! They're married!

Boku no Hero Academia:

Slash - Todoroki/Izuku (Tododeku), mild AllxDeku/Izuku, One-side!Bakugou/Deku

Straight - Bakugou/Uraraka, etc?

Digimon Adventure:

Slash - Yamato/Taichi (Yamachi), etc??

Straight - Takeru/Hikari (THEY DESERVE TO END UP TOGETHER FOR HEAVEN SAKE!!!), Koshiro/Mimi (THEY DESERVE TO GET TOGETHER!!!), Ken/Miyako, etc??


Slash - Togami/Naegi, etc?

Straight - Saihara/Kaede (BIG OTP), Kaito/Maki (Amazing Canon OTP),Tanaka/Sonia (OTP), Ishimaru/Mukuro, light Kirigiri/Naegi (she's the only female I can pair with Naegi), etc?

Platonic - All/Naegi, All/Hinata (I just can't ship Hinata with anyone for some reason. But I broship him with EVERYONE), Komaru/Toko

Kuroko no Basket:

Slash - Aomine/Kagami(Mix), Kise/Kasamatsu(7x4-Kaijou), MidorimaxTakao(6x10-Shutako), AkashixFurihata(Mix), NijimuraxHaizaki, etc?

Straight - Kuroko/Momoi, Hyuuga/Riko, etc?


Slash - Kageyama/Hinata, Oikawa/Iwaizumi, Bokuto/Akaashi, Kuroo/Daichi, Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, Lev/Yaku, Asahi/Nishinoya, etc?

Straight - Sugawara/Shimizu, etc?

Platonic/Friendship/Team - Kuroo/Bokuto (BroShip them Hard!!!), Kuroo/Bokuto/Tsukishima/Hinata

Diamond no Ace:

Slash - Chris/Eijun or/and Miyuki/Eijun. But i actually like AllxEijun but keep it only hug, kiss, or family/friendship feels. No more than rated T.


Slash - Aladdin/Alibaba, Masrur/Sharrkan, etc? maybe Sinbad/Judar as my guilt pleasure?

Straight - Hakuryuu/Morgiana, etc?

Platonic - Alibaba/Kougyoku, Alibaba/Morgiana

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan:

Slash - Eren/Levi, etc?

Platonic - Eren/Mikasa/Amir, All/Levi, etc?

Teen Wolf:

Slash - Derek/Stiles(Sterek) Of Course!

Straight - Parrish/Lydia, Scott/Allison i think (though sometimes i'm annoyed by both of them), and Scott/Kira i guess, because Kira was interesting girl so far.

Harry Potter:

Pairing - Drarry (After everything, I guess I can finally say this is my OTP), Nevile/Harry/Luna (OT3 of Three precious characters), Harry/Luna (because Luna is the best)

Family/Friendship/Group - Severitus (I would NEVER ship Severus with ANYONE even an OC), Harry&Luna Friendship/Siblings, Harry&Neville Friendship, Harry&Draco Friendship.

Crack - Cedric/OMC, Cedric/Luna,

Yu-Gi-Oh! :

Slash - Seto/Jounouchi(Puppyshipping, Violetshipping, Revertshipping), Atem/Yugi(Puzzleshipping, Blindshipping), Noah/Mokuba(Stepshipping), YamiMarik/Malik(Bronzeshipping), YamiBakura/Ryo(Tendershipping).

Straight - Mokubo/Shizuku (COME ON!!!! SIBLINGSHIPPING!!), Honda/Shizuka.

Ookiku Furikabutte:

Straight - Mizutani/Shinooka?

Slash - TajiHana(TajimaxHanai), AbeMiha(AbexMihashi), etc?


Straight - Shinra/Celty, Shizuo/fem!Izaya(?), Mikado/Anri, etc?

Slash - ShiZaya(Other ShiZaya),Masaomi/Mikado, etc?

Ao no Exorcist:

Straight - (Shima)Renzou/Izumo, Amaimon/Shiemi, Satan/Yuri.

Slash - YukiRin(OkumuraCest), Probably (very light) Bon(Sugurou)/Rin, etc?

Natsume Yuujinchou:

Polyandry - Natsume Takahashi/Taki Tooru/Takuma Kaname (NatsumexTaki & TakixTanuma & TanumaxNatsume) I love their Friendshipness too!

HappyTreeFriends : (Slash) Splendid/Flippy, The Mole/Handy, Lifty/Shifty(Twincest), Lummpy/Russel. (Straight) Cuddles/Giggles, Handy/Petunia, Nutty/Flaky.

Hey Arnold : Arnold/Helga, Gerald/Phoebe.

Pandora Hearts : (Slash) Gilbert/Oz, Eliot/Leo. (Straight) Oz/Alice, Break/Sharon.

Doraemon : (Slash) Dekisugi/Nobita. (Straight) Nobita/Shizuka.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu : (Slash) Itsuki/Kyon.

Game Favourite:

Danganronpa 1, 2, v3

Mystic Messengers

Five Night at Freddy's All Series

Fatal Frame 2 & 3

Super Mario (Old version when I was still Elementary School Student)

Outlast & Outlast Whistle Blower

The Sims

Clash of Clan

LINE Pokopang

7 Parabéns! Badhai ho! Mabrouk! поздравления! SPEAK ENGLISH!

Congratulations! You can speak three sentences of Japanese! Don't put it in your story. I'm fine when people have the honorifics (-san and -chan etc) but I don't want full fucking sentences in there where I have to scroll down to the bottom of the Goddamn page to find out what you said. I don't care if you speak Japanese - I don't, and most people reading an English story don't. And the story's categorized under English. So write in English!

11 Holy crap! A baby!

Ok, I'm fucking sick of all the times I've read about Naruto literally crapping out a baby. Ok, we all know men don't have the necessary... bits to give birth, but that's what C-sections are for, people. Seriously, if Naruto's having a baby he can handle being cut open when numbed. And remember - a large number of women end up shitting as they push the baby out... yeah, think about that next time you write Naruto shitting a baby... literally.

Wow, the one I agreed all from odd numbers.

Copy Paste dari:

Mii 'Miss'Typo

Aku benci melihat orang yang menangis, karena aku sebenarnya juga ingin menangis.

Aku benci melihat orang yang lemah, karena hal itu mengingatkanku pada diriku.

Aku benci melihat orang yang kehilangan harapan, karena aku tahu bagaimana rasanya kehilangan harapan itu.

Aku benci melihat orang yang dikutuk, karena aku sebenarnya juga terkutuk.

Aku benci orang yang naif, karena itu mengingatkanku pada diriku yang dulu.

Aku benci melihat orang yang ingin menghilang, karena aku tahu aku tidak berani berbuat hal yang sama.

Aku benci melihat orang yang mengatakan mereka ingin mati, karena aku tidak bisa mati, tidak semudah itu.

Aku benci melihat orang yang melarikan diri, karena aku tahu aku tak akan bisa melarikan diri.

Aku benci orang yang membuang harga diri, karena harga diri adalah satu-satunya yang tersisa dariku.

Aku benci tindakan pengecut, karena itu membuatku mengerti bahwa aku juga sama pengecutnya.

Aku benci orang yang mengingkari janji, karena aku pernah merasakan bagaimana jika janji itu dingkari.

Aku benci orang yang mencari jalan ke luar yang mudah dari masalahnya, karena di dunia ini tidak ada yang mudah dan adil

N.B : Apakah Lo pernah mengkhayal hal yang sama kayak gw, yaitu: FFN bakal makin seru kalo ngadain pertemuan author se-Indonesia? Kalo gitu kita sehati… Hm, copy kalimat ini ke profile kamu.(diambil dari profile Author : momochi mimi'san)

I don't like / I Hate :

- Heartbreaking stories that drag the angst on for too long.

- CHARACTER DEATH NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE- (Doesn't mean i never read it before)

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