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Hey, people! Welcome to my profile. I just revamped, because it has been about, let's see, four? years since I joined FF, but I've updated my profile about twice.

I am a soon-to-be sixteen year old! I used to live in Canada, but moved to the US about three years ago, which is why I had a long hiatus from writing.

Then I had another hiatus because of entering high school, where I realized I actually need to try in order to get by. Which hasn't been working out for someone who gets by on procrastinating and sleeping all day.

Anyway, hopefully I'll try to write more often now.

About my writing/reading/watching:

When I first joined, I was really very into Yu-Gi-Oh, but since the original was a bit complicated to write upon, I tried my hand at 5D's, so that's a lot of my material, because I had a lot of time when I was eleven. It's all a bit rough, but if you're looking for fluffy 5D's romance, that's what I provide. My stories are mainly Yusei/Akiza.

Since then, I've been writing sporadically here and there, whenever I get that mad urge to watch old shows or read old books then write about them to express to get rid of my constant thinking upon that certain show or book.

So you'll see some about Teen Titans, Naruto, Artemis Fowl, etc.

I recently reread the HP series and have been avidly reading Drarry, so my most recent story is to purge my feelings on that.

I used to read a lot, and I guess now I haven't really been reading much, at least not books; I still read a buttload of fanfiction. I used to really like HP, Artemis Fowl, Dan Brown novels, and still do, but have lately been really affected by a variety of books including: John Green novels, Moonwalking with Einstein, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Life of Pi, The Millennium Trilogy, The Picture of Dorian Gray and more.

It takes a really good book to please and enthrall me these days. I'm not really into the dystopian genre, although I know it's raging at the moment.

A great show at the top of my head is Sherlock, and I've been reading a lot of that. Johnlock is nice, and my tastes are really shifting towards slash these days, even though I've written almost none of it. Slash is very interesting, intense, and different, but once in a while, I go back to canon and non-slash pairings if they convince me. At the same time, the slash has to be convincing as well. One of the greatest Drarry writers, saras_girl, always leaves me completely convinced, and that's something I aim to do in my writing.

I also love sitcoms, but I don't read much about it, because I feel like it's hard to write fanfics for sitcoms and have it be completely natural, but each to their own. I enjoy and am obsessed with HIMYM (even though that ending left me WTF-ing for ages), Big Bang Theory, The Mindy Project, Modern Family, and have a working knowledge of (in other words, have not had time for) certain others, like Scrubs, Community, Parks and Recreation, and more.

I can tolerate many things when reading, but I really hate clich├ęs/cheesiness. I know I do them in nearly all my stories and I end up loathing myself, but I hate them and will try to rid my future writings of them, and the reason is because lately I've been focusing a lot on creative thinking processes, so I like innovation that can encompass old ideas but make it different in a way. That doesn't always translate into writing, but that's another one of my aims.

I love editing, and though I'm not the best writer, I do a darn good job at editing so if you ever need some help, PM me.

I can't think of much else at the moment, but I love receiving and giving constructive criticism, so if you ever have any, don't hesitate to PM me.

If you ever want to talk about anything else really, don't hesitate to PM me.

Enjoy reading!

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