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Hey, my name is Kayla.

I'm half filipino, half irish. People say it's a pretty mix, but I can tell that they wish they weren't whatever race they are. I hate it when people do that, because it's not like they can change it anyways. I especially hate when they make such a big deal about their nationality and how people should stop treating them badly because of it, when nobody really cared in the first place. So basically they're just making a whole damn ruckus about nothing. xP like, say you were black, (NOT BEING RACIST TO ANY BLACK PERSON. SERIOUSLY.) then you would be like "I'm black and I'm proud!" all over the place when nobody really minded that you were in the first place. Or if you are asian. And I strongly dislike when asians try to embrace their asian-ness, like they have "asian invasion!" written all over their binders with asian words on their backpacks and crap like that. So if you ever see me in real life, you sure as hell better not do that unless you seriously don't need your arm anymore.

Awesome things that I liked on facebook:

I get a cheap thrill when someone mentions my home city on TV.

That's right. When I was 12, I watched PG-13 movies. REBEL.

I would take a bullet for u.. Not the head but like in the leg or something

Oh thats funny, your acting different now that they're here.

Hi, I wasted a very long time liking you.

Don't EVER break a pinky promise. That stuff is LEGIT.

What soberness conceals, Drunkenness reveals

Nope, I don't miss you...I miss the person I thought you were.

I hate getting home and saying "Is that what i looked like all day?!

"im in shape" IS ROUND NOT A SHAPE?

Don't walk into my life if you intend to leave me

NO, we CANNOT pretend that airplanes are shooting stars. Because that defeats the purpose. If you need a wish right now, go drop a coin down a damn wishing well.

when i walk into a spider web, i immediately go physco

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