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Hey, i'm Lauren Puddingcupsandlollipops! I'm new to fanfiction.net, but trust, I'm gonna put up a SVU fanfic that will hopefully blow your mind. I am just amazed on how these authors make these stories up. I can picture it as a movie or an episode! Here are some of the top 5 SVU fanfic stories that I definetly recommend:

1. Rollercoaster

2. Beautiful Stranger

3. Domestic Distorbance

4. Alternative

5. Get out of this Town

I love Elliot (Chris meloni) and Olivia(Mariska hargitay)! They definetly belong together. I anticipate the up - comming episodes of Law and Order Special Victims Unit.

- Dick Wolf, I am soooooo happy that you have created such a wonder show. Law and Order (original) and Law and Order CI are good shows but Law and Order Special Victims Unit is the most captivating. Thanks for being so greatly loved by all Elliot and Olivia fans!!!

Episodes that should very much so needs to be watched:

1. Undercover

2. Authority

3. Wildlife

4. P.C

5. Tragity

6. Payback

7. Zebras

8. Persona


10. Hothouse

11. Hell

12. Lunacy

13. Babes

14. Closure pt. 1 & 2

15. Juvenile

16. Pixies

17. Paranoia

I have a couple of people to thank about for my so to be story:

My mom, my dad, my sisters Sarah and Leah.

My dog Heaven.

My hole family in that matter!

And my first SVU fanfic fan, my besty Raquel. (I wrote it in a marble note book and PRAY to be able to have it on the site before springs end. *Fingers Crossed*)

I would also like to thank Dick Wolf for making this show.

And, most importantly, Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson) and Christopher Meloni (Elliot Stabler). They are one hell of a team and work great together!

Here are some authors I like a lot:

1. Detective Olivia Stabler

2. TStabler

3. Zuzu1614

4. hopelesslydevoted2svu

5. IncogNeatOh

6. Dayum Its Stabler

7. MariskaBaby92

8. XxfallingdeeperXx

9. Shyy Girl

8. zee425

9. Dayum Its Stabler

I would like to dedicate this section of my page to Mariska Hargitay. She is inspiring, and her persistant need to help people is shown by everything she does. From the time that she has started working as Olivia Benson to the start of her foundation (Joyful Heart Foundation). What this foundation does is take rape servivers to Hawaii to go swimming with the dolphins. She got this idea from going a very needed vacation in 2004, with her friend to go swimming with the dolphins. She found it as such a way to unwind. So, to help these women relieve themselves of the pain, she takes them to swim and feel the fun of swimming with those dolphins.

PS: I met Mariska Hargitay July 21st 2011 @ 2:04pm on a Wednesday

Location: 80th 5th/Madison in Manhattan

Will forever remember this date! x3

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