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Hello my friends, it is now almost May 2016, and life has been a crazy. My health had

gone really bad, where I have heart surgery and now on dialysis for the rest of my life. but

please do not worry about me, I am a fighter and will continue to get stronger every day. I

can now move around without assistance and getting back to my old self. Every morning I say to

my self, tomorrow will be a better day. I just thank FanFiction for all the entertainment. I find myself laughing and crying at some of the stories here. I just love the writers here. I love that fact

that I can go back and read old stories and also explore the new one. Dept. of social service has

ask me to move to a place, where is easy to move around, but with over 500 books and over

100 Buddhas it would cost a fortune to move and beside I don't want anyone touching my

things. Belize they said walking up stairs is good for the heart...RIGHT so

still super crazy about my books, Criminal Minds and these wonderful writer here on FF.

Still enjoy my favorite singer and no I don't have OCD, it's just me.

So welcome back and enjoy my favorite writer's here on FanFiction.net

Hugs and welcome home.

Now an important note:

Since I received many wonderful comments about the picture in

my bio. I must give credit where credit is due. I found this drawing

on a site name:

Type the name Spencer Reid and you'll find wonderful drawings of him.

This one is called: In the Absence of Light

The artist is: PAgebReaTher

Please explore this website and let them know what a wonderful job they have done.

There is also another artist whom I love his work.

Title is called: Spencer Reid 02

The artist is : Whiteshaix

Does wonderful works too, everyone don't just cruse by and view. Leave comments, let them know what a wonderful job they are doing.



Here is info about myself

I was born and live all my life in Los Angeles California. I had wonderful teacher what introduce

me to classic music, and the Arts. which I still love. That will never change.

So that is all I have to say about myself.

Favorite show: Criminal minds

Favorite singer: Rufus Wainwright also Josh Gorban they both sing to me befor I go to bed..

Of course I can never forget and always love Luciano Pavarotti.

Favorite Books: Le Morte D'Arthur I read everything regarding King Arthur and the knight of the round table. I have collect many stories regarding them.

Wuthering Heights=====super crazy about Wuthering Heights that I have two books. one for show and one for when I'm out and about.

Venus in FursThis was a wonderful book, so sad the author just wrote one book...

The Collectorof course what is to say about Fowles I have them all and some are sign,

The Picture of Dorian Gray==wonderful.

The Scholars by Wu Ching-Tzuwonderful, wonderful book to read...a must have.

A Beautiful MindJohn Nash I have read this book over and over again, please everyone movie are nothing like the books.

and many many more, still reading like there is no tomorrow. Hate hate hate these Kinder and all computer books out there. Don't want one and never will buy one. Plug here, plug there, download this and that. What happen to just pickup an good book, feel the pages between your fingers and dream away to neverland. I have my own private library were sometimes I just sit and look at my collection. Enjoy very much the classics from the 1800th some even older. So so sad to walk into a library and see everything disapear into a eletronic boxes, so so sad. Why is it that I saw a director on television say " we need to save the old classic movie and redo them," yet they are letting the books disapear? I hope that I will never see the day when all the books are gone. I WILL NOT BUY a paperback book, hardcover only...hate hate paperback books.

Odd thing happen to me not long ago, i was reading a book and there was some noise outside my window. Really not caring I just sat and read for a while. Outside my window I saw a fireman ladder rising up toward my front window. Oh the building in front of me was on fire, It was a supply area where mangment keep things stored for my building. Ooops. So now I'm famous for almost getting burn to death because of my reading. Ooops

Favorite Painter: Van Gogh, but love to visit old art gallaries.

If I'm not surrounded by books then I will spend hours at the gallaries. During the day when there is less of a crowd and not childrens jumping all over the place.

Don't like crowds or loud nosies, just love to cuddle up to a good book and read.

Still Super crazy about FanFiction and most of all super number one fan of Criminal Minds and the one and only...Dr. Spencer Reid.

Super love PanicButton's vilian Floyd Flanders (that guy gives me creap!) There is no great evil creature then Floyd Flanders. His hatered for Hotch and his respect for Rossi are amazing...But there is no greater love, then his love for the great wonderful Dr. Spencer Reid. Floyd is the type of father we would wanted to have...(NOT!) and his son Sam is the type only a mother could love. My sweet and beautiful SAM.

When I want a good cry, I will read Sandylee007...really I don't understand why she love love to kill Spencer Reid..

AlmoseInarus stories are the type you just can't walk away from.

SillyOldThings have beatiful stories.






There is really hard to remember.

There are so many wonderful writers here on FanFiction and I cannot name them all. I would love to mention them all but just remember this. Since I found this site I have travel the world and dream a thousand dreams that otherwise I would have never amagine. Sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes you make me cry. Sometimes you are so funny and sometimes just nadie. But I love you all. OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOX

Their are times when I will read the same story over and over again because I just love the writers and wonder how do they do that, what are they thinking or feeling at this certain time.

It is now 2013 and nothing has really change, just a year older. My bio is still the same my love for books have not change. Still loyal to hardcover books and will not buy a kinder. Bring our old libraries back

It is now the middle of the year (2013) what a wild and crazy year it has been. But still here and enjoying reading

wish I could list all the wonderful stories that I have read and loved but too many to count. Again still crazy about about criminal minds and everone on the show. Expecially Hotch and Reid pairing...

Have not hear from PanicButton in a while I hope everything is ok and I miss reading about Floyd and Spencer. My collection of book have gone so out of hand that I have lost count how many books I have. My friends say that moving me out of this place is going to be super hard to do. One van for my books alone. ...that not too bad.

Everyone have a safe year and enjoy my selection of stories I have collected...love ya

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