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Hello stragers! meet me, neko :) . i really like reading! and because of that i make myself a reader instead all of you authors. I love to give a review to many authors to make them improve their story even maybe my review doesnt really effective but i just love it because maybe my review can make them happy :D just it! and for all authors that read my profile i just want to say that : Dont be afraid if somebody just give a flame that make you bad, just accept it and believe yourself that you will make a great story that everybody like :) . And if you dont mind, im going to let you now about me :D. So, there is it!

My name is Kuroichibineko

well i love it when all of you call me Neko

im still a teenager! and im proud of it :)

Dark red (Maroon), Dark blue, White, Black is my favorite colors

I Love it when somebody (even they are stangers) are really kind to each other

Im a hopeless romantic and thats not really wierd anymore because i really love romantic story as well in my real life

Im a teenager that searching for a special person and i cant help but wonder when that special person come -_-

im good with giving other people advise ! :D

i love to eat! especially japanese foods!

i love manga !

and maybe im going to stop right here, because im lazy person so bye :D

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