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Next update: Spinning Straw

Summary: Spinning straw into gold was impossible; everyone knew that. Everyone, it seemed, but her father and the King. But that was enough. / A Rumpelstiltskin AU where Haru has to turn to faerie aid after her father's boast leaves her at the mercy of a greedy king. But magic always comes with a cost, even or especially if you get what you asked for. Oneshot, originally posted to Tumblr 13.04.20


Writing Update (04/07/20) (DD/MM/YY):

Hello, folks! Well, The Bureau Files: Series 5 is officially posted - save for the blooper ep - and now I'm working on the Tangled AU (The Princess and the Thief, or Unravelled, haven't decided yet) that will begin uploading in August. In the meantime, I'm going to be posting weekly oneshots to bridge the gap, and getting involved in the TCR Birthday Bash 2020 that takes place at the end of July.

After the Tangled AU, I hope to work on other multichaptered stories, away from TBF for a bit. (I do have ideas for a TBF6, but I need some variety, and I suspect some readers do too.) So far, this includes a Xmas Fake Dating AU; a Stardust AU (Starlight); and A Princess and the Pea/Cinderella AU (Under Cover). These stories are going to be predominantly more fairytale-esque, and will include more Yuki/Lune shipping too, in an unexpected twist of storytelling.

I have also recently begun to branch out into other fandoms (Wolf 359; The Magnus Archives; Skulduggery Pleasant; and Bleach -- blame thedrunkenwerewolf for the latter) so there has been an uptick in non-TCR fic as of late. Check them out if you're involved in any of the other fandoms!

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Next Stories:

Title: The Princess and the Thief // Unravelled
Status: WIP - ch17/20?
Category: The Cat Returns
Type: Tangled AU
Summary: Haru has lived in her tower all her life. Baron has been on the run for most of his. A stolen crown and a twist of fate brings them together to unravel the secrets of the tangled tale that binds them. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. Tangled AU.

POSTING DATE: 25/12/20
Title: TBC
Status: Concept drafting
Category: The Cat Returns
Type: Christmas Special/Human AU
Summary: Lune’s girlfriend was funny, smart, and beautiful. In fact, there were only two ways in which she was not perfect. One: She wasn’t real. And two: She had just been invited to meet the family this Christmas. FAKE DATING AU



The Bureau Files: Series 3: The Prison: Written by KuraiArcoiris



Who is Louise?
Louise is a character from Whisper of the Heart - the first Ghibli movie starring Baron - and canonically was made alongside Baron. She is a white-furred cat in a Victorian-style dress, and makes a small cameo in TCR as a painting in the Bureau. However, she never speaks or receives any characterisation in any known canon material. As such, she has a wide variety of personalities in the fandom, ranging from Baron's lost love, to antagonist, to straight-out villain. (Usually a villain, tbh)

Recently, I've begun to headcanon her as the chaotic-neutral, Mary Poppins-esque, sister-character to Baron we all know and love, although her character/relationships will continue to fluctuate in AUs for story requirements. #support louise 2k16

Who is Persephone?
Persephone is an OC created by sindy sugar and TCRmommabear to fill the role of the missing Cat Queen/Lune's mother. Her design tends to shift depending on the person writing her, sometimes possessing curly blue-purple fur, and other times as a white-tortoiseshell longhair. In her original backstory, she eventually ran off with Louise after the Cat King began to go a little kooky, and has been having adventures ever since.

Sindy and TCRmommabear have been kind enough to allow me to borrow their OC and run off with her into the sunset, for which I will forever be grateful.

Who are the Lost Ladies?
The Lost Ladies is my pet name for the ship of LouisexPersephone. It originated as the idea of Louise and Persephone having adventures together, then naturally evolved into a ship and - to my delight - I wasn't the only one who liked the idea. It's become my sister OTP to BaronxHaru, and will probably make regular appearances in future stories.


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