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So I've decided, after four years, to finally update my bio (Considering I was fourteen when i first typed it up and as a now twenty year old it is exponentially embarrassing)

Formerly the account Starstrukkxxx(I think it's about time for an update)

Twenty years old, I'm just a socially awkward girl from Ireland who writes, sings and has far too much time on her hands! Pokemon Master, Fujoshi, Otaku, Hunter, Potterhead, Anime trash and Gamer!

I also have far too many fandoms to list, such is the life of a fangirl!

Some of My OTP's:


- SorMik (My current obsession.) Sorey and Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria! I'm sorry but I adore every aspect of Tales of Zestiria, baddass female characters, the amazing plot lines. Guys watch it, you won't regret it I promise you!

-TyKa: My Golden Oldie, one of the first ships I ever had (Even as an eight year old child I knew there was something there) Tyson and Kai from a tv show from many of our childhoods- Beyblade.

-MakoHaru: Makoto and Haru from Free!(If by some chance you were unaware of this wonderful Anime's existence)

-Yona/Hak: (Actually have no idea what they're ship name is) But seriously Akatsuki no Yona is amazing(And in my opinion totally underrated)

-Rin/Shiemi:(Another ship I don't know the name of) But they are so freaking adorable, and Blue exorcist is actually my life!

TV Shows:

-Destiel: Dean and Castiel from Supernatural(But I'm sure the internet has already told you that) Okay I am actual Supernatural trash, I cannot deny it!

-Malec: Magnus and Alec from Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series. (I adore these two) I suggest giving them a read and if that's not your cup of tea, although not completely faithful to the books, I adore the Shadowhunters series and highly recommend it!

-Barry/Iris: WestAllen? that's the shipname I believe. I adore these two(And 'The Flash') Grant Gustin is spectacular and Ezra Miller is going to be equally as amazing!

Welp, I'm done shamelessly promoting my OTP's now, so I hope you enjoy my stories :D

All My Love,


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