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I've been away from writing for a few years now and I'm coming back to it just recently. I've placed a new story into the rotation below and as my muse keeps buzzing into my ear, I'm already tapping out the second and third chapters. The story is called "The Traveler" and it's about a character I created who is pulled from our world into multiple alternate dimensions. It's labeled as a Buffy X-Over because it's eventually going to run that way, but for now it's starting out with a surprise. This story isn't going to be a one-and-done type story where it's all in one chapter and everything moves so fast that your head is spinning. It's going to be one of those stories that take time and really sit in your brain while you read it. In fact, the first chapter is more than 3000 characters, including the disclaimer, title and chapter number. I don't think too many of my stories have that claim to fame.

I know I haven't updated anything here since 2009, so please don't be too shocked when you see the difference in my writing style. I've been away but I've been honing my craft. I've gotten through all of my private messages and I've seen plea after plea to finish some of my other stories. I may just leave those stories for now to finish this one, since it's so persistent in my head. Once this one is finished, I may go back and finish some of the others but it could come at a price: I may up and rewrite the whole story to fit my current style and things may not come to fruition in the same manner as once planned. Those old rough drafts are lost to me.

Enjoy my stories. I know that I've had some more recent reviews and I love a good review for encouragement and don't mind when someone gives a piece of advice. If you are out to just flame me, my flame-thrower is bigger than yours is, always. I don't shoot first, I shoot second and mine is usually hotter. *wink*

The following is a longer summary for the story, "The Traveler."

Danni is a woman that finds herself in an incredible situation. She finds herself being pulled from our world and into others, like nothing she's ever seen before. In some worlds, she stays only for a few moments or days. In others, she is compelled to stay for what can only be called lifetimes. She does not control when she falls through the strange portal, nor what events she falls into. But with every world she comes into, a new change is forced upon her. She is made stronger, faster, more powerful with each encounter. There is only one question that remains: What is the purpose of this journey and how does Danni fit into it? Only time will tell. Danni is only sure of one thing. She is the Traveler.

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