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Hello ... I'm Bridgette ... I'm forty-ish, love to read and enjoy just about any genre or rating, but I love slash and I think boy love is beautiful.

I've beta'd for 10-15 'full-time writers' and have done a ton of one-shots, emergencies & fundraiser entries. I've also had the privilege of beta'ing/editing for a few authors on their original fiction they've had published. I even had the honor of being named in the dedication of one of them!

If you read anything I pimp out, be sure to let the writer know how you learned of their story and be sure to leave them some love. The only thing I ask is, if you have a problem with something you read and have something negative to say, send it to them in a PM. My daddy always taught me 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all', but if you feel you must say something, don't throw it out there for all the world to see, do it respectfully and in private. Remember people, these writers share their work and talent with us for FREE! Some of their fics are like children to them and they're very proud and protective of them, as they should be. I'm not a writer - I was a half-assed one in high school, but because I don't write, it allows me to appreciate the hard work these people put into their writing even more. So ... what I'm saying is ... NO FLAMERS TO THESE WRITERS, PLEASE. (Look, I even said please.) This is the USA. You have the right to read what you choose, so if you start to read it and you don't like it, hit the little 'x' up there in the corner and quit reading. Don't continue and then bash the writer for their plot/story line/characters/etc.

Ok ... enough of my soapbox rant on behalf of our incredible writers.

Something I do wish our writers did though ... I would love to see the last few paragraphs of the previous chapter at the top of the new chapter or a short little recap, especially on fics that haven't updated in a while ... just sayin'.

Not sure what else to tell ya about myself. I'm not all that interesting. If there's something you want to ask, feel free. I don't get offended by anything and with tell ya exactly what I think. If ya wanna reach me, I'm on twitter @Bees_Bookshelf ... my book pimping blog ... and you'll find me on FB as Bee's Bookshelf

Later ...

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