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Kagami Lia PM
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"It's when you see, and then began to feel what you see, you think about it over and over, and started to feel it again for countless time--you finally realized you lost all of them. Your happiness, your beloved friends, your 'inspiration', you lost them."

Yak! Welcome to my profile

Its been quite a long time since I last update this 'profile' section..

I don't know whether I will continue to publish update/new fic or not, but if I could spend some of my time to write, why not? I just don't feel that sure if I could do that. Start from the next semester, maybe I would be more busier than now. Its not like many people waiting to see or read my fic though, haha.

Or maybe next time I will surprise everyone by making an English version of my fic. To think a stupid 'kouhai' like me could do that, it would be a surprise, right?


~lia k.

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