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Hi, nice to meetcha :)

So to tell you guys straight up, I don't write - or better yet, I am incapable of writing something that would peak anyones intrest enough to waste their time reading it. Ahaha, but that's alright. I'm totally fine being stuck in the 'Readers' only category (yy) Anyways, these past few years I have learned that I loved to read and therefore my book collection has accumilated alot :D. But, apparently reading multiple books cover to cover did not suffice me enough. So I happend to stumble across this website and am apparently addicted to it because I spend the majority of my time basically sitting infront of my laptop, reading. Most of the time my family wonders if I even still live here, at home haha.

Ok, since I've explained my disabilty of not being capable of writing, I'll let you know that I've only created this account to keep track of Story Alerts, Favorite Authors and Obviously my Favorite Stories as well. So feel free to peruse my Favorite Stories & Authors list. You definitly won't be disappointed because they're all great and I recommend you read them too. Who knows maybe they'll end up being one of your favorites too ;)

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