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sup? i like to read shit loads of stuff and am kind of all over the place. im not really into writing but i try every now and then im not working on the pokemon one or the inheritance cycle one (A.K.A Eragon) but im trying my hand at this story that's been in my head for a day or two. oh by the way im a guy whose 17 not very popular but have some friends i like to get drunk ever now and then with some buddies and im Canadian EH! anyway im way off track here but did anyone ever watch the old X-MAN cartoon the one where they are in high school? i did and just recently watched them all and i hate endings like really hate with a passion. i never want something to end like when smallville ending with no spin off i was depressed for like two whole weeks so when i finished watching them i was like WTF . HOW FUCKING DARE THEY!!!!! sry but really i hated the fact that they left so much out like with the profs son and mystic or who starts dating who and with captain America and X-23 what happens to them. or the juggernaut and what about evan and the weird homeless ones he protects and the rest of the team and does wanda ever remember her real childhood. does kurt and kitty finally tell each other they really love each other and whats up with logan and storm. who does rogue end up with i hate remmyxrogue jind of like loganxrogue but i think she needs and oc

what was i trying to say oh way i got this story in mid but not sure weather or not to write it would be an OC one but it would only have one OC not like most the other crap and still sticks to the main charachters for the most part so maybe keep and eye out

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