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Hi, my name is Stace and currently all but one of my stories are on hiatus.

I do plan on continuing each of them sometime in the future, though not just yet.

My current stories are:

Have You Ever (In Progress)
Genre: One Tree Hill (Naley and minor Brucas)

Prophecy's Child (In Progress)
Genre: The Covenant (Reid/OC)

Electric Storm (On Hiatus)
Genre: ER (Reela)

Dangerous Game (On Hiatus)
Genre: ER (Reela)

The Weir Paradox (On Hiatus)
Genre: Stargate Atlantis

The Aftereffects (On Hiatus)
Genre: Las Vegas (Mary/Danny pairing with Sam/Mary friendship)

I am a dedicated One Tree Hill fan. I have written quite a few One Tree Hill stories though they aren't uploaded here as I wasn't too sure of the response I'd receive. They are also currently on hiatus but are posted on the One Tree Hill Central Fanfiction board under the name Pagan, if anyone is interested in reading them.

If anyone wants to know any details or information or even comment about my stories feel free to go to my LJ. Link is in my profile.

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