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segir PM
Joined Jun '10

I just like to read alot

NW Ohio, nerd

the ones i really feel need to be recognized

no particular order unless noted

1. Golden Buttercups» by Dusty Paws

The Mile High Club by sofia-lindsay

Athena» by ssa-rtune

White Knight Routine by andrella07

Five Days by MJ Duncan

Heart of the Team» by rand0m1

Out of New York» by farwalk

Something to Believe In» by Crispy75

My Lord Harry Potter by MuggleBeene

anything DarkBard0 does, same with Rae D. Magdon, or sofia-lindsay

Session Transcripts» by lastcrazyhorn, Caligula by AhmoseInarus

Burning Desire» by Cora Summers, Intensely Fierce» by soccerstar11-5, Lost, Left Behind and Found again» by Michele0612

Trouble Being With Jennifer Jareau by DarkBard0, Decadence Masquerade» by IsabellaHeat, Good Morning To Me by Crispy75

Bloodlust Control» by prentiss-be-mine

pixie in training( 2 versions in twilight), Operation Chaos Done Right ( harry potter), Like Andrea» by GinStan

Hey, Wonderful» by chakramchaser


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