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Jedi Alex Colbent PM
Joined Jul '10

Hi Fan Fiction Community! I finally have my own personal account! I've been reviewing various fan fics under the alias of Treecko626, but now that I have my account up and running, I''l be able to post my own stories that will make FanFiction.Net even more awesome and cool! My main series of fanfics will be under the title: The Adventures of Team Lyoko. I'm not going to reveal much, just that this will include many different characters from multiple worlds and universes. It's like Justice Leauge Unlimited, except no DC characters. I''l also be posting other fanfics just for comiedial purposes and to get a few laughs. So be sure to check out my account and books, and keep on posting beyond awesome fanfics! And if your a fan of Kingdom Hearts or Pokemon, check a story by MegaloRex called Sora and Ash: Partners in Pokemon. Trust me when I say its one of the best fanfics out there. Also, check out another cool fanfic about Star Wars by Wylde Wolf called Surprises in the Sand. A hint about the story is that it features a certain secret aprentice's daughter. And lastly, there's this awesome fanfic of Kingdom Hearts III by KeybladeOfDestiny that is now a big favorite of mine. It pretty much picks up where KHII left off, only now the story focuses more on Kairi journeying with Sora and developing her skills in battle. About time. Thanks and have fun!- JediAlexColbent.

FanFiction name: JediAlexColbent

Real Name: Adam

Favorite Shows/Movies/Games: Star Wars, Pokemon, Ben 10, Code Lyoko, Avatar the Last Airbender, James Camerons Avatar, Harry Potter, Spore, Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, Shrek, Spiderman, Men in Black, Generator Rex, Danny Phantom, Mario, Dragon Ball Z, Secret Saturdays, Ice Age and Iron Man.

Completed fanfics: Star Wars Ghosts of the Past, Kingdom Hearts Heros Discuss TV

Favorite Fanfics not done by me: Sora and Ash: Partners in Pokemon, Surprises in the Sand, Kingdom Hearts III, and lastly, Vader's Angel, (Missing for some reason.)

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