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Anna, 16, UK.

So I just deleted Why didn't you stop me? and Reassurances and it was harder than I thought it would be. I started WDYSM? 3 years ago and it was my first fanfic and I don't have copies of the chapters, so that story is gone forever. Kinda sad for me :( and I'm not bothered as much by Reassurances because I really didn't like the story anyway.

Just going through my stories, A Difference Of Opinion is finished as it was a one-shot.

The Impossible is actually like an alternative ending to it. You don't need to read one to read the other, and they can be read in either order if you want to read both. The Impossible is going to be a two-shot, from what I can see, though it's been like a year since I uploaded the first chapter. The second is coming, it's just a little harder to write. *I've deleted The Impossible because it just wasn't working for me as a story. And also it didn't get much attention, not that that kind of thing is really important in story-writing, but it made it easier to delete*

Running From The Past is still in-progress. Please review on it and tell me what you think about where the plot is going! I have a rough idea of what I'm aiming for but I'd love to hear your opinion or if you find an error within the story because I did start writing it like a year ago.

7/10/13 - chapter 15 of RFTP might take a bit longer to upload because I've got three essays each for a different subject that I have to finish within a week and a half. I'll really try to get it done before then though.

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