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Rosario Plus Gohan: A crossover fanfiction that depicts what might happen if Gohan moves to Youkai Academy instead of his highschool he would've gone to in the DBZ world.

Darker Future: After Trunks had effectively destroyed the androids and Cell in his time, peace was supposed to return; however, political mistrust and tensions slowly begin to increase as a result of the long terror of the androids, threatening the world constitutional monarch and sectors of Earth. In an accident with the time machine that was intended to go back in time, the half-saiyan somehow ends up going further in time where he had mysteriously disappeared. In that period of time, he sees everything that was once unified, completely separated with the appearance of contractors, multiple gates, and mistrust everywhere... (A Darker Than Black and Dragon Ball Z Crossover; Future Trunks x Misaki Kirihara)


Update (12/20/13): Finals are over! I'll be pushing updates on the rewrite to a Trello board so I don't have to keep editing this chapter. It's much easier and more organized anyways. As an added bonus (and also because I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish everything during this month break), I've attached to each "Done Card" an excerpt from the chapter (except the prologue as I couldn't find a good portion of it to cut from). They're pretty short but think of it as a teaser.

Trello board of Rosario Gohan Rewrite progress: Link

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