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Floor mat: Welcome!

Well hello curious reader or fellow writer who happened upon this profile.

Bio: (Excuse my ridiculouness. IT HAD TO BE DONE)

Name: It's at the top isn't it? Is it real? It wouldn't be called a pen-name if it was.

Age: Fifteen

BD: July something (It's a store and more) 1997

Websites—STAL—I MEAN CHECK ME OUT ON TWITTER FOR UPDATES (You know you want to): Okay that still sounds wrong anyway: https://mobile.twitter.com/AyumiSakuragi

Favourite books: Pride and prejudice (WillxLizzy FTW), Kara Gillian Demon summoners series (Kara x Ryan/Rhyzkhal), Alex Craft series (Alexis x Dealth/Fallin), Dark angle series (Risa x Azriel LIKE DUH).

Hobby: Drawing,writing,sleeping. Lots and lots of sleep— Full of dreams preferably. Oh and not forgetting, sprouting lots and lots of random crap.

Forte: Bullshiting, spinning random nonsense together, Laughing at the expense of others, procrastination, and not surprisingly, sleeping. ( Don't you just LOVE dreaming?!)

Me: Random and strange at best, a little nutty *Pinches finger and thumb together* at worst. Snarky and bitchy when angry, all smiles and laughter when I plan to throttle you.

And that's me.


The usual excuse: Exam, procrastination, Exams... Yada yada yada and the lists goes on. The main reason (besides exam) is because instead of manga, I've super glued my face to NOVELS such as Vampire Academy, (It's an AWESOME book!!) Kara Gillian series (OMG it's seating on –previously– KWMS's number one seat. Yah, it's that good.) and the Alex craft series (Siting on SECOND) and also currently, I'm working on a Vampire Academy fanfic idea of mine called "To be damned" and toying with the idea of it's sequel "Damnation"

So yes, all my maid-sama stories are on hiatus

To think this day could ever come. *sniffles*

Maid-sama stories: HIATUS.

*weeps* Yah, the day really has come.

-Ayumi Sakuragi

Last updated: Thursday, 25th April 2013, 9:28PM (Singapore time)

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