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hi I created this account cuz I actually just wanted to e-mail a writer and tell her to update but anyway...

Fave Pairings:

-Rachel Green/Chandler Bing

-Rachel Green/Ross Geller

-Casey Cartwright/Cappie

-Mary Shannon/Marshall Mann

-Olivia Benson/Elliott Stabler

-Olivia Benson/John Munch (I know that it is a weird pairing but I like it I mean it seems like a good couple so don't judge me) .


-Shawn Spencer/Juliet O'Hara

-Inuyasha/Kagome Higurashi

-Sesshomaru/Kagome Higurashi (I like Inuyasha and Kagome more though :) hehe)

-Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen

-Fiona Glennanne/Jesse Porter (Still like Fiona and Michael more though :) hehe)

-Zoey Brooks/Chase Mathews

-Tori Vega/Beck Oliver

-Alex Russo/Mason Greyback

-Lily Truscott/Oliver Oken

-Jackie Burkhart/ Steven Hyde (They were so in love :) I kind of wish they ended up together in the end)

-Quinn Fabray/ Finn Hudson :) best Glee couple ever!

and more that I cant really think of though..lol so yea thats it

Im not meant to publish stories :( my stories suck so much oh well I love reading them too so keep writing them so I could read please :D

Lol I know I'm weird but its who I am :) can't change that and it makes me unique so :P don't hate appreciate

Drama in stories are bomb! ^.^ so yea I love drama that's probably the reason why it's in my title/screen name and of course who doesn't love happy endings

My song :) with lyrics that I just wrote for fun but do have meaning

Rain Rain Rain oh how I love the rain and

Winter and snow and all that is a glow

During Christmas and New Years

Everything is so clear

My heart burns with a flame of love

For the one I always think of

Conversations I will always remember

Oh how I wish you and I could be together forever and ever

Saving text messages just because I know that's all I'll have

Don't you know how much my heart has been stabbed

With pain and suffering,and wounds that would never heal

It's amazing how strong I feel

I know you and I will never be more than friends

But all I ask is to get out of my head

...Song TO BE CONTINUED MAYBE lol spur of the moment song lyrics thats why so sorry if I can't finish it but eh I doubt you even like it

This is a poem I wrote in my English class for Valentine's Day (which only to state my opinion-I don't really like Valentine's Day so eh)

I wish we didn't have so much fun together

I wish you didn't give me butterflies

I wish your smile didn't make my heart flutter

I wish we weren't so comfortable around eachother

I wish you didn't make me laugh when I want to cry

I wish that our memories would never fade

I wish that I didn't have to help you with your relationship

I wish it didn't hurt me so much to hear about her or see you with her

I wish our time together as friends would bring me joy

I wish your smile didn't make me smile

I wish I didn't dream about our future

I wish we could be more than friends

But most of all I wish I didn't love you as much as I do...

So there is my poem hope you liked it! Feel free to Message me and tell me what you think! :)

Here's another poem that I wrote for my English Assignment! lol hope u like it and plz message me and tell me what u think it would mean the world to me :)

No Title

Pieces of my heart break every time I hear her name

I don’t know what to do when it comes to you

You have my heart in the palm of your hands

Seems as though you’ve buried it under piles of sand

Broken and depressed, there’s nothing I can do

Living my life without you

Seems impossible for me to do

So I live with this pain every day

Hiding behind my facade of happiness

You say you feel the same

But you would pick her over me any time of day

You tell me things I don’t want to hear

I wish sometimes to just disappear

To a place where I can all my own

Just so I can be all alone

Surrounded by my thoughts that haunt me day and night

I wish I didn’t have feelings to fight

You say you’d do anything to make it up to me

But the only thing I want is something unrealistic

You say everything is possible

But that makes me want to cry

Because you and I are impossible…

So there is my poem..lol I know it sounds depressing but I was sad when I wrote this so I let it all out in this poem and now I feel so much better :)

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