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I ship many things from many animated series that i do not feel like telling people about.

I enjoy the beauty of nature yet fear what dangers dwell within the weeping branches of the forest.

I, as all are, am destined for greatness in my own way. Those who say that you are not destined for greatness are ignorant fools. For greatness can only be what you make of it. Whether it be the look of admiration from your son, praise from a peer, or recognition from the whole globe, you can be great. The only ones who do not say that they are great, are those who base their greatness on that of others who are greater than them. All it takes is to step back and take a look at your life without the distractions of society, without basing your greatness on anyone elses', you will realize just how great you are. Those who are unable to talk or walk, their greatness has yet to come, all they have to do is keep their eyes on the road ahead, keep their brain focused on what is truly important, and keep your dreams in your heart, at all costs. So keep dreaming and striving for your greatness, and stay great and never forget that you are great. No matter what anyone says, no matter what you believe, you are great. You are the only you this world can have, without your greatness, the world would never be the same.

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