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Previously known under Levina101 and Midnight Venom, my current (and hopefully final) pseudonym for this site is Titania Faith. I've been reading fanfiction for a ridiculous amount of time now and I've grown up (and up and up) with . I like a lot of different types of fanfiction, but it hinges on the level of love I have for the story it's under on whether I'll like it (and the quality of how it's written). The fanfics I read the most of are Harry Potter, followed in recent years by Naruto and Fairy Tail. I like books and I like anime.

My goal is to be an author and my writing has improved over the years, but still has a long way to go. I tend to get a little lax with fanfic, as well, because I want to write "what ifs?" that don't necessarily turn out well or come up with super interesting twists or new powers in an already-existing universe, but hey, this is my playground. On that note, I need to give a disclaimer. This is my playground, which means I tend to come up with 27 ideas in a one-week period and then I end up wanting to write them all at once, which means... I don't end up finishing or writing anything. I will posts stories and they will sit there for years. I have done this and I will continue to do so. You have been warned. On the off-chance I actually finish something, praise the Lord. Not to mention I'm a senior in college and involved in a lot of extracurricular activities - encourage me to write, but don't bug me to. There's a difference. You have been warned (lol).

If you're looking to read some of my stuff or want to know more about my writing/my likes, I'll give you a short overview. 9/10 I'm going to have an OC (original character) as my main character. Sometimes, I'll just have canon characters and it'll be great, but mostly not. I like to experiment with adding in a different personality to the mix and seeing what happens and like I said before, I enjoy asking "what if?" and seeing what happens. Hence, I like reading and writing things like Dark!Harry or Slytherin!Harry or "what if Naruto wasn't such an idiot in the beginning of the anime?", etc. Furthermore, I don't believe in black and white characters and neither should you. If you think Snape is 100% a great guy or an evil man, you're wrong. It's not an opinion either, it's human nature. My protagonists are going to mess up and do stupid stuff - that doesn't mean I hate them or that I'm bashing them. My antagonists are going to have people they love and things they want to protect - that doesn't mean that the cause they're fighting for is just. Just a heads up.

Another thing: I do a lot of research for my stories, but I'm human too. If something is glaringly Not Right, let me know. It could be an intentional change, meant to influence the story in a "what if?" kind of way, or I could've bungled everything and turned the corresponding chapter into a dumpster fire. If you notice something like this, hit me with a comment or write me a PM and I'll either fix it or explain that there's a reason and to not be afraid (mostly).

I mentioned it before, but I do have a lot of story ideas. I may not end up actually writing most of them, let alone finishing them, but they're all in my word documents and noggin. If you ever want to brainstorm, throw ideas around, or hear some of my endless story ideas for a disgusting amount of fandoms, send me a PM and we can chat. It might even get my writing bug going a little more and help me pump out some chapters.

If any of you are concerned, I did have more stories on here in the past and one of my stories "The Slytherin Queen" used to have several chapters. I got rid of some of the stories that had only one chapter and I didn't really like anymore, which I regretted afterward but oh well, and removed the chapters from "The Slytherin Queen" because I wanted to rewrite it. Has that happened yet? Kind of, several times, but I never perfected it and haven't posted the new stuff yet, so I've been avoiding it. One day maybe. I make no promises, but you never know. Stranger stuff has happened. In the meantime, I'm going to keep coming up with ideas, keep plotting, and maybe even keep writing.

May your pencils stay sharp and your ink never run dry,

xoxo Titania Faith

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