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Discovered Twilight January 2010. Found this site sometime later through Twilight Lexicon and some authors that post on my preferred site for TWS fan fiction, Ramblings and Thoughts. I use the same screen name there. Not sure how often I'll check this site for messages and stories.

May 2011 I've gotten more comfortable finding my way around on this site. I'm reading and reviewing here more now. Still prefer Ramblings and Thoughts. Recently been inspired to write some poems.

No copyright infringement is intended to the original TWS material by Stephenie Meyer or any of the authors of the stories my poems may be based on. Those authors have given their permission to post the poems. Thank you Openhome and kmwhyte and Virginia May.

The first two, Changes and Choices, are my thoughts on what I think of as the main themes of TWS. For Changes I can't get the spacing the way I want it to be on this site. If someone reads this and can help me with that please PM me.

The next two are thoughts that Bella has first in BD, Wonder, and the second Wonder Child based on Give Her Some Credit by kmwhyte. Her stories are posted elsewhere on this site, they are good AU stories.

4 July 2011 update: added A/N to all the poems.

24 July 2011 update: I've started a blog as a place to post all of my poems and some commentary. Not all the poems are Twilight related.

12 Feb 2012 update: haven't written any new poems. Posting semi-regularly on my blog with short essays and story recommendations, about authors that I've read - published and fan fiction, about TV shows, movies and whatever else I feel like writing about.

15 May 2012 update: I've set up a community for stories that I have found on favorites lists of my favorite authors. Mostly T rated. That list should keep me busy reading for a while. Lots are other characters' POV. As I read the stories, they will be deleted from this list.

4 Nov 2012 update: Did some reorganization of favorites and alerts for stories and authors. Some favorite stories are not listed as such, but another by same author is listed.

23 Aug 2013 update: I am going to Forks Washington for Stephenie Meyer Days!! Serious planning going on since July when decided to make the trip. It will be a road trip with lots of stops for picture taking. Very Excited! I hope to update my blog on daily basis, but depends on connection availability. Looking forward to meeting lots of people with similar interest in all things Twilight. Due to some computer problems, some health problems and other travels I've not been good about reading WIP and leaving reviews. I will catch up eventually, likely have to reread some chapters and that is fine. Maybe the trip will inspire some more poems or other writings.

14 Sep 2013 update: Stephenie Meyer came yesterday! Have a couple of pictures. More pictures at Stephenie Meyer Day Facebook page. Connection good here at Forks Motel so I've been able to post to blog.

8 June 2018 update: SMD was changed to Forever Twilight in Forks festival in 2015. SM came to celebrate 10th Anniversary of Twilight publication. I've attended every year since 2013. I retired from my primary profession and after a couple of years decided to move to the Olympic Peninsula earlier this year. Not Forks, but close. Haven't had any inspiration for more Twilight related poems or anything. Rereading old favorites as mental comfort food with changes in life. Have read some new ones, but not reviewing much.

3 August 2020 update: Midnight Sun release date is tomorrow. It is so exciting to be in on this release, since I didn't read Twilight until well after all the first four books had been published. At 672 pages, it may be a two or three day read, body and eyes not so up for all nighters any more. We know a lot of what happens, but to find out what Edward was thinking and feeling and some of the other characters when Bella wasn't around, will be very interesting.

7 October 2023 update: I'm loosing interest in Twilight and attending Forever Twilight in Forks. I attended this year and sold a bunch of my Twilight collected items. Getting tired of reading Twilight fan fiction with too much of it having too much detail of sex too often. Where is the plot? Where are the characters? I am mostly rereading stories that are light on the sex and foul language. Not sure I belong in this fandom anymore. I'll finish reading the WIP that I've started. Otherwise back to my reading roots of science fiction/fantasy and mysteries.

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