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Im sarcastic so you'll be readin' it a lot in my stories.

My catch phrases

Rules are for democrats, I'm a republican.

Bring it Jack wagon.

You want to dance, go to broadway.

You want to tango, get a tux.

It ain't a party till someone gets drunk.

It ain't the geto till someone gets shot.

Hee Hee Hoo.

Get on your horse.

No homicide unless i'm involved

MY O.C.'s

Nocturn The Wolf

Looks Like- A pure black wolf in a cloak, fingerless gloves, cutoff jeans, muscle shirt, and sunglasses when off duty.

Eye Color- Red

Gender- Male.

Family- Wolfenstine (I thought of him from the game Wolfenstine, Sue me), and Drago

Age- 23

Lives In- Classified

Nationality- American.

Likes- his teammates, friends, Wolfenstine, guns.

Hates- Eggman, Anti Antonio,Iron Queen, Anyone who attacks him.

Powers- Controls darkness.

Weapons strengths- Anything he can use.


Abby the Arctic Fox

Looks like- A pure white fox in shorts and tee shirt.

Eye Color- Light blue

Gender- Female.

(living) Family- N/A

Age- 23

Lives In- Liverpool.

Nationality- British.

Likes- N/A

Hates- Eggman and Eggman Nega.

Powers- None.

Weapon strengths- N/A

Past- Eggman turned her life to hell by the killing of mobians.


Looks like- A pure white wolf in a trench coat.

Eye Color- Aqua Green


(living) Family- Nocturn, Drago.


Lives in-Classified.

Nationality- American.

Likes- Nocturn.

Hates- Nazi's, Japanese, the French, Drago, and non-justice.

Powers- Time control and heat vision.

Weapons strengths- Pistols, revolvers, and rifles.

Past- He's the youngest of the three. Drago made fun of him as a kid till Nocturn stepped in and beat him to a pulp. He always looked up to Nocturn and hated Drago. When Nocturn and Drago were called for the war Nocturn made sure that Wolfe (thats what he called him) went with him. Shortly after they were called in they were captured. Weeks later Nocturn broke out, but a day before that Wolfe was moved to a different facility then another and another hiding him from Nocturn.

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