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So I haven't updated this bio since 2014 or so, but I find it kind of amusing. So I'll leave it here for posterity. I still only write when the mood strikes me, which sadly isn't as often as I'd like, but I've just leaped into a new fandom and wanted to write. So here I am at age 25, using an account i created when I was 15. Please enjoy. Hopefully my writing has improved since then.


I write when the mood strikes me. My stories range from NCIS to Castle to Beautiful Creatures to Lord of the Flies. I kind of love that I have such a varied group of stories, and that I have [semi]successfully written for many of my favorite shows/books/movies!

DISCLAIMER: Any of the stories written by me are MINE, but the characters and shows themselves belong to their respective owners. This way I don't have to put a disclaimer on every chapter I write. Here is the proof: I ADMIT I DO NOT OWN any parts of NCIS! This goes for ANY OTHER stories I write, in any CATEGORY or with any CHARACTERS! I do not OWN them, I ADMIT I don't own them- I am simply manipulating them for the reading entertainment of others.

Wicked is my life right now, talk to me for a millisecond and you'll realize how obsessed I am.

"I'm the other daughter, Elphaba. I'm beautifully tragic"

Glinda: You're still riding that old thing?
Elphaba: Yea, well, we can't all come and go by bubble!

[Glinda slaps Elphaba]
Elphaba: [cackles] Feel better?
Glinda: Yes, I do!
Elphaba: Good [slaps Glinda] so do I!

Elphaba: Okay let's get this over with, no I'm not seasick, yes I've always been green, No I didn't eat grass as a child.


This is the t-shirt the story was based off of: http:///itm/221758840472?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648&var=520604715168&ssPageName=STRK


All NCIS stories are on hiatus until further notice. I don't really watch the show anymore, and probably won't be keeping up with these stories any longer.

BTW This is Shemar :) My Homeboy :D

Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who reviewed, favorited, and subscribed to my stories. It is YOU who keeps me wanting to write more! THANK YOU! LOVE YOU ALL!

OMMMMMMMMGGGGGG SHEMAR!!!!! Does anybody else love Shemar? I love Shemar. He is my homeboy. And my bestie is my Ohmboy. LOL...physics :P *Insert Awesome door kick here* Shemar should totes be the new Old Spice Man.

"Do I look like a killer to you?" "Yes, You kill my patience."

And read "Beautiful Creatures" and its subsequent stories, "Beautiful Darkness," "Beautiful Chaos," "Beautiful Redemption," and the short story "Dream Dark." They're all amazing.

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